Landa: "I want to be on the podium in Verona, I'll try"

The Basque stood at 1:09 of Nibali and 47 seconds of Roglic in the fight for the Verona box: "Anything can still happen".

Had you planned something on the Movistar or did your attack come spontaneously?

It was improvised. I saw that people doubted, that Lopez opened up and hit a lot of air face, so I achieved a nice place. With that attack he intended to force others to work. Finally I got 20 seconds that are very good for the general. I feel very good in form.

Do you intend to finish on the podium in Verona?

Yes I want, I would like to finish the race in the drawer. I will try, but without harming the options of Richard Carapaz and with the idea that we must preserve the pink jersey. He is now the leader of the Giro. Two days are still hard, Friday and Saturday, especially the penultimate before the clock, and I think anything will happen.

Do you have to lift your foot another day in favor of Carapaz?

There were stages in which I went very well and other in which I found myself wrong. We are a team and we are two tricks, few have that numerical advantage. This way we will play and throw one or the other to demand the opponents. With this superiority in our favor perhaps we achieve the goal of concluding the two in the box.

Nibali takes out 1:09 and Roglic, 47 seconds. And there is the Verona time trial, which hurts him.

Let's see how things develop day by day. This Thursday presents a day to recover a little and from Friday I have to work and propose everything I wear on my legs. We want to consolidate Richie's pink and why not achieve another place on the podium. I am very well and motivated.

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