Landa: "Yates is a retard, he threw me in a roundabout"

The Alavés saved the montonera six kilometers from the finish line, but Yates threw him in a later roundabout and broke the bike. Then he apologized on Twitter.

He saw himself overcome the first montonera, six kilometers from the finish line, and then entered cut. What happened?

The fucking Yates, who is a retard and goes like crazy. He threw me in a roundabout.

(Mikel Landa crossed the goal of Frascati with the torn base and erosions on his hip and on his left arm.) After leaving the bike next to the Movistar bus, he asked for Richard Carapaz and he embraced Chente García Acosta to celebrate his victory before taking a shower: "At least one joy on a bad day." In his mishap with the Briton broke the bike and Lluís Mas lent him his, despite the anger, talked to Ace and later apologized on Twitter: "Apologize to all fans and especially to Simon Yates for a few words out of context." The British accepted them "without problems".)

How is the fall?

I do not think it's anything , the problem is the time lost again. Now I stand almost two minutes from Roglic.

After the Bologna time trial and this day, it is a very complicated start.

It sucks when things happen that do not depend on you. In the time trial it cost me, but here I went to the ground because of another. It is not the desired beginning. In fact, the sensations are pretty bad with this disadvantage against.

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