Koke: "Godín is still with Atlético's head"

The athletic midfielder analyzed the game against Espanyol. The rojiblanco player recognized the perica superiority after the break.

The athletic midfielder Koke analyzed the match against Espanyol before the cameras of beIn Sports. The rojiblanco player recognized the perica superiority after the break.

Computer defeat. "We have not been at any time, they have been better in the second and higher time." It can not be explained in any other way ".

No reaction. "The game was very against, they played great football and we had our moment in the first half, we did not take advantage of it" .

Conditioned the first goal. "Own goal conditions, but if we are not strong in the second half and we fit the second ... That's not Atlético, that's not us ".

So he also assessed before the press the defeat rojiblanca in mixed zone.

No intensity are more vulnerable?

We always play to win. It's what characterizes us, even if we do not play anything, be it a friendly or a game of whatever we always win. The game was good until the end of the first half where they just scored the first goal of the game. In the second half we tried, they have found the second goal and from there it has been very difficult.

Is the season long?

For nothing we have these games left over. We will try seconds, we have one point left for what Real Madrid does and the matches that we play will come out to win them. It is our mentality and we are going to try it. The third goal has been debatable and we are not going to give it more, correct the mistakes and the weekend that comes and we want to win at home to Sevilla, a rival who plays a lot and we want to give a last joy to the fans in our last game of the season at home.

Han been inaccurate

Es football, there are days that you are better and others worse, today we have been imprecise and football.

Is it bothered them the third goal?

From my point of view is a legal burden, football is contact. The other day from my point of view could have Arias penalty and today they have whistled us the other way around, there are times that the referee gives for some and others for others.

¿Is Goody playing his last games with Atleti?

Está with the head still in Atlético, wants to continue here and at the end of the season we will see what happens.

Strap: "It hurts to lose the way we did"

The team is already playing little

Duele lose and lose in this way. We have to forget about this game and think about the next one, the last of the season against our people.

They were not recognized

Duele, we are not used to the equipment that was seen, it may be that the season is over, but we are not looking for excuses.

Does not play anything?

It could be, but we wanted to win it and try to prepare the matches to win. They also play and were just winners.

Cuando both end the season?

This was also a rare game, was being even and they found the first goal, in the second part the team turned to try to tie, they found space and managed to kill the match against.

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