Kevin Love approves the signing of Lue for the Lakers: "It will do well"

The banner of the Cavs after the departure of LeBron thinks about the imminent signing of Tyronn Lue, his coach until this season.

Kevin Love has gone through the program First Things First (FOX Sports 1) and also he has been asked about the signing of Tyronn Lue, about to close and announced publicly, by Lakers.

Love knows perfectly Lue, not only for the stage they both spent next to LeBron James in the Cavaliers but because Lue began this season in that position until he was dismissed after only 12 days in competition (and Love had already taken the position of player-star) .

"I love Ty Lue, if it's not the first option, he should be among the first because he's a guy who knows how to see the pros and cons of things. well "

Referred to the potential relationship with LeBron James, something that would be a repeat of what happened at Cleveland Cavaliers:

" E He's a coach of players, an uncle who can approach you very easily to chat. It's not just that he feels good at LeBron's side and has been able to train LeBron by eating his ear, but he also knows the game: he's been around Jordan, he's been around the Lakers of Shaq and Kobe, he's been around Doc, Phil and other very bright basketball minds. All the time that Lue passes as head coach is going to be better. It would be a good decision "

Talso believe that Lue is the best way to know how to move in a ambiente as convulsive as the Los Angeles Lakers:

" It's a boy from LA It's not always easy for everyone , but I think Ty Lue is a coach made for teams like Los Angeles. Not only is taking the team, it is building a culture around it, putting together a team and knowing how to deal with each player as more than an individual "

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