Jordan, Ming, Walton, Marc ... with an injury like Pau's

Pau Gasol could not play the World Cup. In summer he turns 39 and will be a free agent. His desire is to continue playing in the NBA and go to Tokyo 2020.

Milwaukee Bucks has just announced that Pau Gasol had to undergo surgery for a "navicular stress fracture in the left foot", an injury similar to the one that stopped in the first half of the season, still with the Spurs. The Spaniard, traded to Milwaukee Bucks in the winter market, was off the track because of an ankle problem (also left) since March 11, when he played what was only his third game with the Bucks. The Wisconsin franchise has already announced that Pau will not return in these playoffs, in which they have eliminated Pistons and Celtics for a brilliant 8-1 total and rival hope for the Eastern end (Raptors and Sixers have to play on Sunday the seventh party) .

So the question now is to know if Gasol can be with the national team in the World Cup, which takes place from August 31 to September 15. In 2016, a similar injury (in his case type II, still not know all the details of Pau's) left his brother Marc out of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games even though he suffered the mishap in February. Specifically, Marc played his last game of that season on February 10, 2016 and then missed the last 30 of the Regular Season and the playoffs. His next official match, after the Games was on October 26, at the start of the next campaign. These have been other sounded cases of injuries similar to the one that now affects a Pau Gasol that can be without World 2019.

Bill Walton (pivot, 2.11 meters)

MVP of the season, MVP of the Finals and two-time champion (1977 and 1978) his career could have been even brighter. Do not forget that between 1978 and 1982 several fractures and relapses in the foot (including a navicular) made him play only 14 games. With 30 years, he returned in 82-83. Disputed that and four other seasons, but their numbers were far from being like those of the first stage.

Michael Jordan (escort, 1.98 meters)

The myth of the Bulls suffered a navicular fracture as soon as he started his second season in the League. At just under four months of turning 23, 'Air' was injured on October 29, 85. He was low for 64 games, and when he returned he signed the worst numbers of his stage in the Bulls: 22.7 points, 3 , 6 rebounds and 2.9 assists. However, already in the playoffs established the best scoring record in history with 63 points against the Celtics. The rest is history they already know. He did not suffer any relapse again.

Zydrunas Ilagauskas (pivot, 2.21 meters)

A positive recovery. Although in his case, he injured his right foot in January 1999, with 23 years. The rest of the campaign was lost and the next one was lost. For the 2000-01 reappeared as a starting center, although he ended up relapsing and going through the operating room again. However, since his reappearance in December 2001, he played a minimum of 62 games in the remaining 10 seasons in the NBA. He was all star in 2003 and 2005 and the Cavs ended up retiring his number 11.

Curtis Borchardt (pivot, 2.13 meters)

Elected in number 18 of the 2002 draft, he missed the year of his debut to suffer the navicular fracture during training camp. Already 23, he made his debut in the NBA with the Jazz, where he played the 2003-04 and 2004-05 courses with few minutes of play despite playing 23 games as a starter. In December 2005 he closed his NBA career when he arrived in Granada, where he became one of the best players in the ACB. However, his continued physical problems (he had several serious injuries to the shoulder) eventually removed him in 2012 with 31 years.

Yao Ming (pivot, 2.29 meters)

Before suffering an injury similar to that of Pau and the same that complicated to Marc, suffered a fracture of Jones (the same that martyred Kevin Durant in 2015) in its fourth season after having lost only 2 of its first 246 games in the League. There he started a plague of injuries (stress fracture included) that led to the navicular fracture that made him say goodbye to the series that faced his Rockets with the Lakers in the 2009 Playoffs. That summer he went through the operating room to throw himself a complete course in white. He returned in 2010-11, but could only play five games. His left foot was not for more trots. He retired with just 30 years and two months of age.

Brendan Haywood (pivot, 2.13 meters)

In the 2012-13 season and with 33 years of age, Haywood suffered a fracture Navicular stress He did not play again that season until reappearing last year with Cavaliers newcomer LeBron James again. In Cleveland he played 23 games (22 RS and 1 Playoffs) before being cut by the Blazers this summer. He has not played again.

Joel Embiid (pivot, 2.13 meros)

On June 20, 2014, six days before the Sixers chose him as number three in the 2014 draft, he was operated on for a navicular fracture of his right foot. During the summer of 2015 he had to undergo surgery after suffering a relapse and could not make his debut in the NBA until the start of the 2016-17 season. Now is one of the best centers in the NBA. Already twice all star, in this course he has averaged more than 27 points and 13 rebounds per game.

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