Joaquín reconciles Betis with his tier

Double of the portuense, who gave the victory to the green and white at the last moment even if it did not help at all. The Huesca played with 10.

A right foot of Joaquin Sanchez in the last minute of the match gave Betis a victory to try to reconcile something with his fans after a disappointing season finale, which took ahead the European options and that will also cause the departure of Quique Setién. The verdiblanca tier again requested mostly the dismissal of the Santander coach, several times in addition during a game in which Huesca resisted, but in which he suffered the metaphor of a season full of misfortunes as the one that happened again, and without further consequences that the lived ones before: the descent to Second Division.

The sun of justice and a temperature near the 35 degrees anticipated that the party would be of those that the teams do when they already have put the flip-flops. Betis had a bizarre European possibility and played at home, before few people but very angry, and if only for that he put more push and shame bullfighter. Like the one Joaquin has. The goalkeeper made his 100th goal as a professional (1-0, 22 ') in the luck that he used to dominate less, of head, before a Huesca that saw them coming. Low danger Huesca in the first half, but what a danger: Melero , just like the one in the box of the 9, he sent it to the stick when the easiest thing seemed to mark.

Tello also crashed it to Jovanovic in the last breath of the first half. It was the anticipation of the recital that the Serbian goalkeeper would then give, who had not played for five months. Already in the second half he returned to take several hands by hand to Tello, Carvalho and Loren. The same Marbella, who does not come out anything lately, he put the Balkan goalkeeper an impossible hand when the goal was already sung at point-blank range. But in the midst of such a Betic occasion, Feddal knocked down Juanpi and the VAR rectified Cordero Vega, who had appreciated swimming pool, so that the Venezuelan striker put the equalizer from 11 meters (1-1, 55 ') .

Other decision favored by the VAR, a direct red to Pulido, caused the field to lean a little more towards the visitor goal. It seemed that Francisco would resist, but at the last moment of an eternal discount, of no less than eight minutes, Joaquín took the right-hand one that Jovanovic was not able to block this time.

Francisco: "The whole season has passed"

Francisco Rodriguez, coach of Huesca, was "proud" of his players, despite the 2-1 loss to Real Betis with a goal from Joaquin Sanchez at the last minute, and said they competed "well", but that "what's happened all year has passed" and that's why they are "in Second" .

"It was the sign of the whole season, we worked and fought, and in the end that goal came from Joaquín, who has been He hit him with his soul, with his beticism, and he was unstoppable, "declared Francisco in the press room of Villamarín.

Also, the Almeria coach, who reiterated that on Monday he will speak in Huesca about his future, highlighted that his demost players they raron "their commitment in a difficult moment, with the descent above", and that "this shield was going to defend until the end", reason why now they think about looking for "the victory" in the last day.

For Francisco, his team competed "to the end", despite remaining "with ten and eight minutes off, with the heat that was", and regretted that they go "empty", as he stressed that it has happened in many other games, but "Today has happened again."

Indicated that they are professionals, feel Huesca and have been "working for eight months" for the permanence, so they are clear that they must continue "fighting to the end" by Huesca fans and defending "the shield "of his club, and stressed that" it has been the hardest week, after those eight months, but the team has been competitive and is grateful for the delivery "of their players.

" After the pain so hard that we feel On Sunday, it is important to know that people are still behind s, that the project has a future, and while we are here we will continue working, "stressed the Huesca technician.

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