Italy: "Ferrari melts like a jellyfish stranded in the sun"

The main means of communication emphasize the impotence of Ferrari against the undisputed dominance of Mercedes, which adds five consecutive doublets.

Maybe it's the three classics of the Formula One World Championship 2019. The Mercedes double, the Ferrari team orders and the harsh criticism of the Italian press towards the Cavallino Rampante on Monday after race. Y the Great Prize of Spain 2019 was not going to be the exception that proves the rule.

Porque the fifth test of the 70º edition of the 'Great Circus' disputed in the Circuit Barcelona Catalonia not only returned to leave patent that to day of today no single-seater can equal the speed of W10, but to the chagrin of the Scuderia, Max Verstappen surpassed with relative ease Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc.

Press review in Italy after the Grand Prix of Spain F1 2019

La Gazzetta dello Sport: "Fifth consecutive victory for Mercedes in this championship." Another success came to Montmelò in the Spanish Grand Prix: first place for Lewis Hamilton, second for Valtteri Bottas, third place for Max Verstappen, and the reds for fourth place for Sebastian Vettel. and fifth for Charles Leclerc, disappointment at the Ferrari house, once again Max Verstappen has made fun of them and has been a real thorn in the side for those in red ".

Il Giornale: " Dark night for the house of Maranello, who is an impotent witness of the undisputed dominance of Mercedes, without the possibility of changing the situation for now. The dominance of Mercedes reveals all the fragility of those in red, who can not react in the least. In fact, it seems that neither Binotto nor his team have ideas to get out of this situation soon. Unfortunately for Ferrari this weekend in Barcelona confirmed the big difference with the silver arrows. The English champion of Mercedes points decisively to the sixth world title of his career ".

Corriere della Sera: " Pokerissimo. Fifth consecutive double of Mercedes and restored internal hierarchies. Victory of Lewis Hamilton who gave a severe lesson to Valtteri Bottas winning twice: at first and then when the safety car shuffled the cards. The trial of Ferrari can begin, because nothing happened in Montmelo. Even the pit stops were slow. But they are secondary problems, as well as the internal duels between the two pilots. A war between the poor does not interest anyone. The SF90 has not only suffered here in the third sector, but everywhere. If the problem is not clear, the solution can not be identified and that is a good problem for the next races. Binotto does not go into detail and it breaks. Time is running out and Mercedes' winning streak could spread disproportionately. This does not work, it is expected that after the tests the ideas are clearer. Race without history, after the attempt of the German pilot to advance the exit, which caused that it lost ground. Vettel and Leclerc exchanged positions twice. The second duel between them lasted longer than expected and the feeling is that precious time has been lost. Did something change? No. This time there is not even the consolation of the fast lap. Hamilton devoured that point too. "

La Stampa: " The only doubt before the start was who would win from the two drivers in the front row. When the lights went out, Lewis Hamilton overtook his teammate Valtteri Bottas and never left this position. For Ferrari it is the worst race of 2019. Any attempt to approach the Mercedes failed. Even the management of the race left something to be desired: the pilots lost time when exchanging position twice, tire changes were slow. They took twice as long as the competition. Vettel and Leclerc failed to bother Verstappen at any time. Mercedes is already far away ".

La Repubblica:" Not even some red on the podium. If the strategists in red had done well, Verstappen would not be on the podium. Actually Leclerc is a victim of the mistake of Sebastian in the first corner, but then it hurts his mania of prominence, which makes him lose two precious seconds in the pursuit of Verstappen. The preseason champion melts like a jellyfish stranded in the August sun when the situation gets difficult. After five races and five consecutive thunder, they do not know why the car does not work. They obviously do not know which way to go. "

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