Irving: "I'm a real genius when it comes to basketball"

The base of the Celtics is one of the great stars of the NBA. His team is 2-1 against in the Eastern semifinals against the Bucks.

Kyrie Irving is in her second season with Boston Celtics after leaving in the summer of 2017 from Cleveland, where she won her only NBA championship ring alongside LeBron James. And this course seems that things are going better: after losing all the last third of last season, including playoffs, this has his team in full fight against Milwaukee Bucks to reach the last round of the Eastern Conference (2-1 in favor of his rival at this time) .

The Melbourne finished the Regular Season as top scorer of his own with 23.8 points (eight more than the second, Jayson Tatum) and in this postseason continues his leadership with 22 points for encounter. A scoring level that together with his amazing skill in handling and one on one (the best of the entire NBA) certify his role as superstar in the league. But, in addition, Irving is a great connoisseur of the game ... or at least that's what he says himself in a report by Jackie MacMullan for ESPN (in which he also throws more than one dart at the press)

"I would talk about everything basketball day "

" I have played basketball a lot longer than some of those people who analyze this sport I'm a real genius when it comes to this game, "says Irving, who finishes his contract with Boston this summer and will be free to choose your destination. New York, with the Knicks in the lead, resounding strong.

"If you ask me about basketball, I would talk all day . If you ask me about the spaces at 3:33 of the second quarter, I'll gladly explain it. They worked, on the adjustments we make, but when it comes to personal things, or comparing myself to one of my NBA brothers, like 'do you think you're better than this guy? beyond the courts for their claims that the Earth was flat.

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