Houston resorts to overtime and Harden to win the Warriors

The Rockets beat the Warriors at home to what they got out of point. Harden (41) and Durant (46) shined. Texans recover sensations.

Great game, they will think Rockets. Terrible game, will think the Warriors. And that everything was decided in an extra time the day after we swallowed four in a single game. The final sensation is what remains, but in the first duel played in the Toyota Center between these two live something of what happened in the first meeting and what happened in most of last year: the clash between two teams with multiple resources that make a fight like this happen from white to black in a pispás.

The Warriors came in with the idea of ending it soon. Good combinative actions gave way to Durant punishing in the high post, which happened. Eric Gordon was seeing the defense impossible and then went on the attack. The 15-22 went to 38-27, a 23-5 that burned in the hands of Steve Kerr. And the worst thing was not that men like the aforementioned Gordon or the Rivers and Shumpert banquilleros entered the combustion, it was that the public would heat up; with an action in which Green touched the face of Harden - again - they got up minimally, with the tampon that Capela put to Iguodala and they did not sit down more. It was strange to see in those same minutes Clint Capela show in attack and Draymond Green, brilliant in this eliminator, being the safeguard of his team ... in attack also, the facet in which usually disappears more. Only an oversight in defense that ended, on this occasion, in mate Andre Iguodala prevented the Rockets to go to rest over ten advantage.

storm was coming though the visitors were not far in the best game . To this it was added that James Harden, more separated in the first half, began to go towards the rim and not exactly with nonsense. The three-pointers rained: 8/13 in that third quarter for the locals, it was what made the Rockets keep their opponents at bay, but Durant's points and Green's throw five seconds from the conclusion when it seemed that his team I lost it, it hurt more than I could see first. Those isolated actions to which Steve Kerr then referred were painful in the hearts of the Texans, assuring that they did not deserve to win this match. Not deserving it they were ready ... Forzadoon an extension, which says enough of its quality as a team until on a day when they are not so bright. Klay Thompson revived and left the lethargy to link a triple, a dunk, a steal and a rebound to put their own advantage. A triple by Iguodala and Harden free throws put the 112-112 with which the regulation time ended, in addition to a sublime defense of Thompson on Paul in the last possession.

Kerr, precisely, did not know how to properly involve his second unit (21 to 7 the score between substitutes of both teams) and theirs arrived burned to the extension. Durant tried it and Iguodala got it right, but Harden's seven points sent 2-1 to the locker and a Curry action, failing a plate only when he could put his three, left him with the worst feeling of all: the gloating of your rival.

Harden and his reddish eye knew the importance of this match. 41 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists and he did not even give 100%. Houston gets into the fight of these semifinals of the West when many already gave it up for dead.

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