Hazard against the Emery method

Chelsea clings to their big star to try to win. The presence of Kanté, at Chelsea, and Welbeck, at Arsenal is in the air.

La Europa League is the competition that in addition to giving a title, allows a time of glory to the teams almost: almost confirmed in the elite; almost made sets, often on the way to something bigger. In Bakú two clubs that want to be in the upper echelon are measured. But for now, there is what there is (follow the game live on As.com) . On the one hand, a Chelsea led by a coach who has laughed at the British press and even his own fans, who came to sing "Go home, Sarri." By foreign, eccentric, not having been a football player, Maurizio Sarri has had to fight against the current to organize the team to suit him. It has left half and, although it is not known for sure if it will continue, has been in the league below two extraordinary teams and is in its second cup final (lost Carabao before City). The shortcomings have covered a great season of his star, Hazard.

El Arsenal is in the season of let's see what we have, a transition to a change of philosophy and football culture after several years of siesta. Unai Emery arrived, saw and gradually conquered based on one around here, the same thing would have to be done, starting from creating layers of knowledge for the team through training. In any case, it requires a collective response to win matches.

In a stadium that will have many holes (it is said that the clubs have returned some 6,000 tickets, the capacity is 69,870) will face the Star against the Team.

Photos from as.com
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