Hamilton hits the table and Sainz goes back with rage

He went to Bottas at the start and regained the lead. Verstappen beat Ferrari and completed the podium. Carlos, from the 12th to the 8th before his grandstand advancing on the track.

The Montmeló traffic lights went out and the three cars that headed the grid were perfectly aligned. Anyone could get out of that initial curve, but the outcome of each driver explains very well what has been so far the 2019 season: Hamilton passed to Bottas, on the right and without suffering, among his commitments as a celebrity has a career of Formula 1 and, since it takes a plane from New York on Wednesday, it is more appropriate to come to win. Valtteri had lost the position with Vettel, but the German has neither spark nor fortune, was locked in, escaped the Finn with skid included, blocked Leclerc and Verstappen passed both.

A Red Bull ahead of the Ferrari, and from there to the podium, another that escapes those of Maranello. This time they were entangled alone in team orders with different strategies that, in the end, did not serve almost anything: fourth and fifth, despite having a final attempt to assault the 'cajón' thanks to a 'safety-car' that will be better explained later. They tested hard tires with Charles and soft with 'Seb', both exceeded each other twice between complaints radio and tires spoiled and in the end even the four-time champion could not really fight against Verstappen, whose team had initiative to condition the number of rest stops. But ahead, to a world, Hamilton winning in Barcelona and regaining the lead (made the fastest lap) and Bottas behind the five-time champion.

More ago, Carlos Sainz got a great result the day he had no means to do so. It went well, won a position, unlike his partner, Lando Norris, who lost six going out at the start. The middle zone was consolidated with Haas and Toro Rosso well ahead of McLaren until the young British Woking, whom they care as a future star, sinned optimistic trying to overtake Stroll in the braking of the straight: clash between the two, no Lance's fault this time, and safety car to convert a strategic race (the three compounds of Pirelli on the asphalt coincided) into a new one, to the 'sprint' and with only 15 laps ahead.

There emerged the best Sainz, first thanks to its wall of engineers with a key stop that placed him with better tires than the rest for that last stint, the decisive one, also beating Albon for the pit lane, from 11th to 10th (before ahead of Ricciardo) . And then thanks to his hands, exclusively: passed Kvyat on line and returned to do it a lap later when the Russian had returned it. He fought against the Haas de Grosjean, they played the first but he dried the second. From 12th on the grid to 8th, in front of his papaya-colored hobby. A Magnussen was not because there was little to gain and much to lose, the message had already been transmitted to all possible receivers: blow at the Woking table, like Hamilton in the Mercedes, and overtaking fury ante the Spanish grandstand, who does not want to lose a great grand prize.

Photos from as.com
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