Hamilton caught Vettel spying

The German only missed the car when he was found in the 'pit lane' and Lewis joked on Instagram: "Get closer, colleague."

One day Vettel touched Hamilton's car after qualifying in Australia and the Brit changed his face. "Hey, have you been touching my car?", then released him using irony to mark his territory. In Barcelona, when the W10 was on its way to verifications, 'Seb' could be curious and approached, approached, approached ... until, literally, 'stick your nose' inside the Mercedes, in this case of Bottas. "Get a little closer, buddy," Lewis wrote on his Instagram with the photo of the German inspecting the engine cover and rear spoiler. Behind, two technicians from the Brackley team were smiling.

There was curiosity on the grid for understanding how other teams have understood the aerodynamic and technological challenges of the 2019 rules. Adrian Newey inspected the McLaren on the Bahrain grid, from top to bottom, in fact he returned three times to the MCL34 on his way to Verstappen's Red Bull, and he also had time to take a look at Kimi Raikkonen's Alfa Romeo. In this Formula 1, few are already escaping the smallest detail.

Photos from as.com
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