"My goal is important is important for the comeback"

The defender said: "We are disappointed, it is not a good result, the last goal makes them much more difficult". Gabriel: "We have to be stronger, we are in a semifinal."

How is the body after the goal at the last minute?

We are disappointed. It is not a good result. The last goal makes them much more difficult. This is a difficult field. But Mestalla is also a difficult field. We're going to have a good game there and we're going to come back. Until 20 minutes we have been very good. It's a difficult field, they squeeze a lot. We fit three goals but you have to have your head up to have a good result in Mestalla.

Do you think they have been confused with the new system with which they have played today?

For me it has been a good solution, they have skilled players above. Lacazette and Aubameyang are very dangerous. This is a difficult field. For me it has been a good plan, we fit three goals but nothing happens. There is a return match and we hope to come back.

In any case, his goal is very important in the face of the second leg ...

There are options. The goal is very important. A goal away from home is good for us. With our fans it's going to be a complicated match for them. We are going to have the head up to win this game.

Do you think that an opportunity has escaped?

Yes but there is still a match to fight in Mestalla.

Gabriel: "We have to be stronger, we are in a semifinal"

Balance: "We went ahead on the scoreboard and then we suffered two goals, although we fought well for the rest of the game, the end goal killed us even though the tie is open, we are going to make a good game in Mestalla to overcome this result" .

New sistema: "We suffered a lot because we had to be more intense, if the ball comes to us, we are a little weak, we have to be stronger because we are in a European semifinal, it's a new system, we only use it once When the coach makes a new system we have to do it as well as possible ".

Remontada:" We must commit less errore s against a very strong team. We at home are very strong and we have to be very intense. We have to do our best to overcome this match. "

Garay:" Mestalla is going to help us pass the tie "

Balance:" It was a difficult game because they squeeze a lot here in their field. We received a goal at the last minute and it has become much more difficult for us. We know that with our people we can harm him. At home I think we can do better. "

Motives for the result:" They also play, for something they are in a semifinal. They had their public in favor. On Thursday we will have us. Mestalla will help us to pass the tie ".

¿Displaced with the new system? :" No. We already played that system and we did it well. When you have defensive imbalances against a team like Arsenal you pay for it. We have to think that with our people they will be very difficult. "

Return:" We have to play, make the field feel and be 100% to pass the tie ".

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