Gil Marín: "Griezmann, our strength is in the group, in the commitment of the players"

The CEO of Atlético has given an interview to the club website and takes stock of the course: "I am very satisfied". "It's important that some players take a step forward," he adds.

Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, Atletico's CEO, has given an interview to the club's website in which he takes stock of the season, reflects on how the next project will focus and pays attention to athletic growth beyond the Simeone team: female, the quarry, at the social level ...

-What is your assessment of the season that is about to end? -We have to be very satisfied with everything we have achieved. The first team has won a new title, the European Supercup, and has been runner-up for the second consecutive year in a league in which it competes with two of the best teams in the world, with budgets that double ours. In Europe we remain in the fourth position of the UEFA ranking, which speaks clearly of our level of competitiveness, I insist, despite the fact that by budget we have 13 clubs.

But we are not only happy with the performance of the first men's team. Atlético de Madrid Femenino continues to make history and won its third consecutive league title, in addition to competing in the final of the Copa de la Reina. The B will fight for promotion to Second after a brilliant season in which, in addition to qualifying for the playoffs of promotion, has nurtured the first team of players, demonstrating the great health enjoyed by our Academy. A good moment that confirms the 12 teams champions of their respective leagues, with the Juvenile to the head, who were honored in the last official match in the Metropolitan Wanda. And another reason for joy this season has been the rise of our sister team in Mexico, Atlético de San Luis, to Liga MX. The finale to a very positive campaign.

-Despite all this positive news, there are some voices that are critical. What do you think about it? -It is true that I listen to some people who complain about the management or the game of the team, I would ask them please to assess the current situation of the club, the best in its history. It is difficult to get more than what we get with the resources we have. The best way to contrast that our work is having good results is to see how we are the envy of many European clubs, which set an example to emulate by the efficiency with which we manage our resources.

In the last 9 years we have conquered a League, a Copa del Rey, three Europa Leagues, three European Super Cups, a Spanish Super Cup and we have played two Champions League finals and a semifinals, something that is available to few clubs in Europe. This season we certified our qualification for the Champions League for the seventh consecutive year, something that only seven European teams have achieved in this period. I think these data draw a crushing reality and confirm that the project is moving in the right direction.

-Not only the sporting part is reason for joys this season. The club continues to grow in an unstoppable way in other aspects. -It is true, we have completed the second season in our new home, the Metropolitan Wanda, increasing attendance, improving services to our fans, hosting a final of the Champions, something unimaginable a few years ago. Socially we have concluded the campaign with a new record of partners, surpassing the 128,000, a figure that very few clubs have in world football. At the end of July we will inaugurate the headquarters of our Academy in Alcalá, where our first women's team will compete next season. Facilities with four football fields 11, two football fields 7 and a mini-stadium to continue improving the service we provide to our young talents.

-Some players will not follow, as Griezmann. -The club made a huge effort to retain to Griezmann last season. He is a great footballer, who has done some very good seasons in our team and has helped us to compete at a great level, but we have to be aware that our strength is in the group, in the commitment of each and every one of the members of the wardrobe. We need players fully involved with the project. If for one your level of ambition is higher than your level of commitment you have to invite him to leave the club and have a group fully focused on the common goal.

-In addition to Griezmann, several players will not follow. How are you planning the next course? -It is a job that never stops. Throughout the year we work together with Simeone and Andrea Berta planning what is to come. We will make a group based on the ideas that I mentioned earlier. Players totally committed to the project, in which the group is above any individuality and with the aim of contiuar competing at the highest level as we have been doing all these years. Players who have abandoned our discipline will be replaced by players with maximum guarantees in order to continue competing and achieving the club's objectives. There is no essential player, Atlético de Madrid is above all.

-Among the players who finish contract and will not continue is Godín and, although it is not yet decided, perhaps Juanfran and Filipe. -Con Filipe we are still talking to decide what is best for everyone. In any case, the three have given their best years to Atlético de Madrid, their maximum performance. Atlético de Madrid has helped them grow as professionals, to be better in everything, and they have helped the club to grow, to win titles. We must all be satisfied with their commitment, delivery and performance, and at the same time, understand that the interests of the club do not always coincide with those of the players. No one can doubt that the decisions we make always look for the best for the club. They always look for a balance between the values of the club and the effectiveness of the team. As before happened with players like Fernando Torres or Gabi, the club is trying to get all those players who have left their mark on the club have the farewell they deserve, where fans can show their love, respect and gratitude.

- What players of those who have passed believe that they have left their mark in this last stage? -Each one will have his opinion, but for me, personally, for what they are or have been both personally and athletically, as captain, Gabi , and as players, Fernando Torres, Raúl García and Juanfran.

-What do you expect from next season? -It is important that some players who have been in the shadow of the costume leaders take a step forward, to assume the protagonism left by those who leave, and those who arrive quickly adapt to the way of understanding Diego's football, where the group prevails over individualities. We need that the incorporations adapt quickly and that all this contributes to that as soon as possible we have a homogenous team, strong, hungry, hopeful, supportive of the effort, humble, but at the same time ambitious.

We need our group is formed by players who want to be and feel the pride of wearing this shirt. This should outweigh the ambition to earn more money. Today many players want to play at Atleti, our growth has made us a very attractive club for great players. But it is essential that those who demonstrate a clear commitment to purely economic motivations.

-And in front of the ship, one more season, Diego Pablo Simeone. -He represents a lot, very much, for me and for the club . I am convinced that in two seasons you can write a book about how a man in a decade could change the history of a centennial club. I listen to people who do not like how we play, but professional football is competition, and in the competition there is only one objective: to compete at the highest level to try to win. Diego gets the results necessary for the club to live a stage of stability, and our obligation is to take advantage of this stability to grow, to achieve the dimension and structure sufficient for those who come after Diego and me to meet with a global club, with very good facilities and with a sports structure, from the Academy to the first team, which allows to enjoy a promising future.

-Leaving aside the current affairs of the club, there is much talk of possible changes in the competitions, what Comment on this? -All the organizations that regulate football intend to change the current formats in order to optimize the competitions they organize. LaLiga is an example of good commercial and audiovisual exploitation. The Spanish Federation aims to improve the quality and income in its competitions, Cup and Super Cup. FIFA is looking for the same with the new Club World format since 2021. Exactly that is what UEFA intends with its agreement with ECA, to create a very attractive competition with three tournaments, one of Champions and two of Europa League, where the fans football will be able to enjoy a greater number of relevant matches between strong teams in Europe.

For me it is logical what everyone wants. But it is necessary to achieve a balance between all so that the new formats can be carried out without seriously harming the domestic leagues and without the changes entailing that the teams must play more than 60 games per season. Football is too big so that we can not all live together, it's aboutTo take that difficult balance where the amateur, the player and the football industry are protected.

-Finally, what message would you send to the athletic supporters? -First of all, I would ask for peace of mind. We live in a time in which everything happens at a great speed, you barely taste the successes, everything is questioned and tends to pessimism. We must stop for a moment and analyze all that athletes are living in recent years to realize the beautiful reality we are enjoying. Second, I would ask for your confidence in the project. The growth of the club in recent years is not only a result of the performance of the team, but also the work of many professionals who dedicate every day many hours and great enthusiasm to build an increasingly larger Atleti. I would also ask them not to cease their efforts to contribute to the growth of our club. They are a very important part of this process thanks to the transmission from parents to children of the values that characterize us, going to the matches, supporting the team from a distance, forming part of an athletic crowd, wearing our colors with pride ... And Finally, most importantly, continue to support and encourage the team as they have always done.

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