"It fills me to see the city happy"

Miguel Ángel Gómez went through the microphones of the SER to analyze cold the end of the season and the immediate future

Miguel Ángel Gómez reflected aloud in the microphones of the SER once the spirits were calm and after several months of a lot of accumulated tension. The sports director of Real Valladolid showed his joy for the final outcome: "I am very satisfied, it has been a very hard year that has ended up fulfilling a dream that was permanence. Seeing the happy city fills you. " Gómez celebrates his second season at the club and in both cases the goals as club have been fulfilled in a very outstanding way: "We have sealed these two seasons with the best script possible. In this club there are very valid people in all the departments and the coach and the players have put a lot to make this happen. Luis Aragonés said that the more you work and the more things you control, the more luck you have. This club had a brilliant and they have polished it by bringing out the best in each one of the pitches. "

Gómez had special words for coach Sergio González:" I've always liked the coach's world, not because I was, but because I grew up in that shadow very close to them, it's a world that fascinates me. Finding yourself with a person who sees you just like you and who can be by your side in times of great stress is not easy. There has never been a dismissal on the table when we accumulated defeats at the worst moment of the season. I was very clear about the path we had to travel and with that we had to die. " On the arrival of Guardiola, which finally has been decisive, he said: "Guardiola has always been clear that his site was here. When you have to make a decision I think you have to bet on that kind of people. The one who comes here being Valladolid a third option for him, that does not just squeeze the ass. "

Also decisive has been the participation of Enes Unal in the last section:" He is a very young lad, at some point he was going to take it out . At some point he could weigh all the pressure that was on him, but everyone has done his part. The first he and then the coaching staff that has even worked for 30 minutes for many weeks individually. In the end we have seen a great version of Unal thanks to everyone's effort ". Gómez left the door of his continuity in the club very open: "I have a contract and I am very happy here. I would like to improve my area as usual, but it is something that we will have to sit down in the next few days to know what we want for next year. We are ready for any scenario. "

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