Ferrari enters into crisis, McLaren promises and Red Bull threatens

This is the grid of 2019 after the improvements introduced in Barcelona. The middle zone is compressed with a king on one lap and an unrecognizable Renault.

The improvements in Barcelona may have shaken the grid, although the differences remain minimal in the middle zone and a good car can stay in Q1 without it being surprising. Monaco, the next big prize, is a special circuit that will not be representative of what is expected in the European F1 season, but from Canada it should reflect what was confirmed in the Circuit. As Briatore says, "this track tells the truth." This is what has been seen.

Mercedes: on the right track

It's not just that your car is exaggeratedly complete, but also make it evolve on weekends better than anyone else. The improvements have been very effective and ensure that they have ideas to continue progressing in areas that are not yet widely explored. The 2019 rules have understood them better than any other team and right now it seems feasible that they win all 21 races this season. Fortunately, as the big prizes advance, alternatives must emerge, or friction between Hamilton and Bottas, to facilitate competitiveness.

Red Bull: a step forward

At top speed your Honda engine is at the level of the best and in Montmeló have corrected all the problems of chassis to which they had indicated in the first races, to the point of having more benefits than the Ferrari that one day, in preseason, seemed invincible. Risks: they are exposed to grid penalties if their engine supplier continues to introduce evolutions at this rate. Verstappen is at its best, although Gasly has a lot of room for improvement still.

Ferrari: everything is doubtful

Between discussions of team orders and priority drivers it was overlooked that the car that promised did not meet and Barcelona has brought out all the weaknesses of the SF90 manufactured in Maranello, a car with a large engine that has not adapted well to any circuit if the two flashes of Leclerc are ignored: Saturday in Bahrain and Friday in Baku. Losing two podiums against Red Bull in these circumstances hurts the Scuderia. And the symptoms that speak of 'error of concept' free Vettel, which had been the great signal so far.

McLaren: still missing pace

Although the comeback of Sainz was surprising and exciting, the performance of McLaren in the Barcelona race was poor. He defended himself from Ricciardo with the right and was behind the Toro Rosso, out of the points under normal conditions. Woking put on the track an aerodynamic package with many changes and the qualitative jump has not been so great, did not enter Q3 before the emergence of Haas and Faenza. Fortunately, it seems that there were specific problems, that the car did respond on Friday and that with a good configuration can be corrected as of now.

Haas: the king on one lap

That one of the pilots of Haas, Grosjean, only have one point in five races, he does not speak well of the performance of the team with a car that starts in Q3 always, or almost always. Magnussen adds 14, is the leader of the middle zone with a car that seems to be made of scraps and that, however, has almost half a second of advantage in qualifying with respect to its most direct rivals. In the race they suffer more with the Pirelli and the rhythm falls apart.

Toro Rosso: grows with Honda

Great change in Montmeló with two very competitive cars, although Albon finished out of the points and Kvyat did not finish finishing (he was ninth). In the Baku straight the power of Honda was surprising, although the reliability has them on notice, but in any case the Faenza car is not at the tail of the middle zone, and that is a novelty compared to recent years .

Racing Point: the Circuit is not going

In Montmeló were in line for many reasons, including a circuit that does not fit the strengths of your car. But Stroll has already left several comebacks to the points and Perez is solid in the top-10 under normal circumstances. In addition Racing Point has allied with the factory of Mercedes and that implies more quickly at the time of incorporating new aerodynamic improvements.

Renault: on the verge of the crisis

Problemas of reliability and lack of performance that can end up undermining the morale of Hulkenberg and Ricciardo , have only scored in a race each. The RS19 does not have a good chassis, McLaren doubles them in points with the same engine, and they are not getting lucky with strange incidents like the double abandonment of Bahrain. They have means, fundamentally economic, to turn this situation around. But a team that says it will fight for the titles in 2021 can not even dream of those goals when it does not reach the top-10 at this point.

Alfa Romeo: in the hands of Kimi

The points of a fighter Kimi Raikkonen kept in the fight an Alfa Romeo that does not have anything special either. Giovinazzi still has not released his locker, like the two Williams, and only the good onesThe classifications (with a Ferrari engine is possible) can help the Sauber team in such a hard-fought medium-sized zone with so many strong rivals.

Williams: in another category

They still race in a category of their own, which Hamilton and Bottas begin to double after 15 or 20 laps. The FW42 is not up to the task, and Kubica does not reach Russell's level either. Many problems in Oxford and the risk of staying all season in line and without points in a sad face of the second team with more Constructors World.

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