"With Fernando Alonso I already had battles in my year of 'rookie'

Charles Leclerc sees "Carlos Sainz strong" in a conversation with the Spanish press before the GP in Montmeló. "Improvements are coming sooner than expected," he says.

Charles Leclerc greets the numerous Spanish press in the Circuit, quickly unravels the technical keys of the circuit of Montmeló and begins to respond, camera to camera, in the box of Disa Shell. The Monegasque expects a weekend more satisfying than the previous ones: "We are working as much as possible to close the disadvantage with those in front of us. Improvements come sooner than expected and we are very happy that it is like that". A new engine arrives, the second evolution, and the circuit likes it: "We all know him by the test" .

The Spanish fans press, like their drivers: "Now there is only Carlos, who is a great driver and is very strong, I wish you the best this season at McLaren Last year Fernando was also there, with him there were good battles last year, that I was a 'rookie', and it was nice. " In two weeks it will be he who runs at home, in Monaco, and aspire to victory, because urban circuits have always been particularly good.

In four races with Ferrari, Charles, 21, adds a podium and two laps fast, and also several misfortunes: in Australia they did not let him fight with Vettel for the fourth place, in Bahrain he was left without victory by an unexpected breakdown in the SF90, in China he had to give the third place to 'Seb' with some orders of Team that were controversial and in Baku went against the wall when I was going to achieve the pole. Apart from Mercedes, the protagonist of 2019 is so far Leclerc. And in Montmeló hopes to be again, but this time at the top of the podium.

Photos from as.com
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