"I feel like when Rossi did a 'boom' in the World Cup"

Bautista has resumed the path of victory in SBK and before a possible return to MotoGP it is very clear: "In the conditions of not before".

Ganar, something intrinsic that is part of the DNA of any pilot. Being competitive gives life on the asphalt and falling into the void of defeat can end with the motivation to want more. Hence, sometimes it is necessary to try new things, see the case of Fernando Alonso or also, that of Alvaro Bautista that opened the doors to a new challenge in which he has returned to savor that stimulus that continues to keep intact in him fire that burns inside and translates into a fist giving gas.

Your arrival at Superbike has again offered everything a driver wants. Triumphs, sensations and an adrenaline that are reflected on the asphalt and in his case, next to a Ducati with which he is allowing himself to shine even more than he himself imagined: "I expected to be fighting to win, but not in all the races and the way we have done it, which has been an advantage ". New championship, a bike and a team unknown, but a talent that has proven to be above all those factors and especially the most important: the super champion.

Rea was unrivaled during the last four years on the asphalt. The pair formed Kawasaki with the Northern Ireland had been unbreakable until the Spanish came to the World Cup, and despite having removed his post and the numerous criticisms that have been heard, Bautista says that the relationship between them is cordial: "The truth is that there is good vibes. After the races we talk, we congratulate ourselves and that For all the good things ".

La rivalry on the track has also fed the masses. To be in the shadow of MotoGP, Superbike has achieved a media tug at the height of the most important championship of motorcycling and Baptist, conscious, has a lot to do: "People here are also partly glad that they came to this paddock because they say we are raising the level of Superbike , both on the track and off the track Currently we are talking about Superbike almost at MotoGP levels, for one thing or another "111111 1y that makes him feel "like at that time when Rossi made a 'boom' in the World Cup."

feels like a champion, what he was in 2006 with his title in 125 cc and the possibility of To return to that World Cup it is clear: "In the conditions of not before" . Fighting for sixth positions is not something that miss a pilot who has become accustomed to winning a lot and well but knows that he has only one way: "I can only talk on the track and that's what I'm trying to do." However, something nostalgic ended: "I wish there were possibilities", confessed in 'Cadena Ser'.

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