F1 negotiates its return to Africa

Sean Bratches, commercial director, confirmed the "productive talks" to return to the African continent. South Africa and Morocco, the favorites. He also talked about the race in Miami.

Formula 1 aims to recover a Grand Prix in Africa, a "market" in which they "would like to compete", after having "productive conversations" with the South African government and, "to a lesser extent", with Morocco, according to explained the commercial director of the competition, Sean Bratches.

In the latter case, the chosen city would be Marrakech, while in South Africa the race would be hosted by the Kyalami circuit. Both countries already hosted great prizes of the world championship in the past, concretely in Casablanca in 1958, in South Africa in the 1960s and in Kyalami, 20 times between 1967 and 1993.

"It's a market we would like to compete in. Now we run On five continents and the last inhabitable continent where we do not compete is Africa. We have had very productive conversations in South Africa and, to a lesser extent, in Morocco to bring a great prize there, we are in. It is really important for us, "he said. at an event of the Sport Industry Breakfast Club this Thursday.

This interest because the world championship returns to the African continent takes place two days after Formula 1 announced the return of the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort in 2020, after an absence of 35 years.

So, Bratches confessed that Marruecos has a "high degree of interest s " for hosting a race in Marrakech, as the country's government sees Formula 1 as an engine for economic growth and tourism. "The vast majority of our grand prizes are backed by the government and it's because it works." We bring a bright light to these cities, "Bratches added. In addition, the Formula E championship already has a street race there.

Ruanda and Nigeria have also expressed interest in owning a grand prize of Formula 1, an idea that supported the Director of Strategy and Business Development of Formula 1, Yath Gangakumaran . "I think that Ruanda, in particular, has seen the benefits of its sponsorship agreement with Arsenal," he said, as the English club has worn the logo of 'Visit Rwanda'.

on its shirt next season, the big prizes of Zandvoort and Vietnam will be added to the calendar, but Mexico, Spain, Germany and Great Britain finalize contract at the end of 2019. Thus, the future of these circuits is in the air. "We are optimistic about the prospect of a 21 grand prizes calendar next year," Bratches said, not believing there are "more than those" .

It is also that the race in Miami is still in danger, after it was scheduled for 2019 and delayed until at least 2020 after local opposition to the proposed design for a race in the city center. Thus, they are now planning to organize together with the Hard Rock Stadium of the Miami Dolphins.

"In an ideal place, we would be competing in downtown Miami or downtown Las Vegas . Those are the two cities in the United States that best they align with our brand and our aspirations. We will try to create the best experience in each market, not only from the point of view of the races, but also from the point of view of the amateurs and the economic sector ", concluded Bratches .

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