Ewan achieves his sprint double ahead of Demare

The Australian made a great comeback in Novi Ligure to achieve his second victory in this Giro. Demare, new cyclamen maglia.

Amateurs and journalists were waiting for him, and he was asked in networks and in the exit: "One of the most useless profile stickers I've ever seen. Episode two. " Thomas de Gendt re-tweeted regarding the second completely flat consecutive day of the Giro. Instead of 145 kilometers they were 221. He also explained that, despite making fun of the layout in a good way, this type of stage is necessary: "Cycling is a long-distance sport and must offer opportunities to all types of runners. Here, to sprinters like our teammate Caleb Ewan. " Effectively, the Lotto Soudal was in charge of controlling the break of the day, composed of Cima, Maestri and Frapporti (the latter already accumulates more than 800 km in flight), in favor of the Australian. And Ewan corresponded with his second triumph in the Giro of 2019.

Pocket Rocket, the pocket rocket by its 1.65 high and its characteristic pedaling thrown on the handlebar, achieved its third victory in total in the Italian round with authority. "It even seemed easy," De Gendt confirmed. He took the wheel of Pascal Ackermann and benefited from the Bora train. In Novi Ligure there were no mishaps. After winning in Modena, Arnaud Demare denounced that Ackermann, the cause of the fall of the last kilometer (Moschetti did not take the start, injured), behaves like "an arrogant" that does not take into account "the risk in which he puts the the rest". In response, the German spoke of himself in the third person and gave the reason in a way to his rival: "If it were not like that, it would not be Pascal Ackermann." Shocked and patched by wounds, he disputed the volata in search of more points for the cyclamen jersey: he finished third ... and Demare, second, snatched it. The sprinters only have the day of Santa María di Sala. The mountain arrives.

Photos from as.com
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