Embiid defends Brown: "The idea of being fired is one of the most ..."

Some players of the Sixers came out in defense of their coach after the elimination of the playoffs. "If there was someone to blame, put it all on me," Embiid said.

Not twenty-four hours have passed since the Raptors managed to eliminate, on the horn and with much suspense, the Sixers in the seventh game of the Eastern semifinals. They did it with an unlikely basket of a Kawhi Leonard who is opposing the best player in the playoffs. A basket that, had it not entered, could have changed the evolution of both teams in this series and, therefore, the fate of some of its protagonists.

One of the greats pointed out after this hard stumble is Brett Brown, coach of the Philadelphia franchise. Some information pointed to the fact that the future of the technician in the bench of the Sixers depended on achieving the pass to the final of the Eastern Conference. A goal that Josh Harris, owner of the block, expected to be fulfilled before the playoffs started: "I think we have enough talent to win everything." We are able to play and beat any team in the East ".

Tras this hard elimination (more by how it has arrived than by the level shown), begin to emerger fingers that point to the culprit or the culprits, and at this time the coach is the main focus. However, many of his players do not think the same, including Joel Embiid. One day after the elimination, the center has acknowledged, without a hint in the language, that the idea of doing without Brown is totally crazy: "He has done a fantastic job, I believe that this year he has grown even more as a coach. The idea of being fired is a ... ".

The Cameroonian wanted to tuck his technician and preferred to do self-criticism. "At the end of the day it's all down to the players, I do not think I have anything to worry about, it's a great coach and a better person." If there was someone to blame, put everything on me ", the player finished, He was not the only one to come out in defense of his coach. "What he has done for this organization is nothing less than remarkable." "I do not think it is necessary to defend Brett from anyone, his work speaks for itself" , recognized the escort JJ Redwick.

Butler about his future: "I have to sit down and speak with my team "

Although, the future of the Sixers becomes tremendously uncertain. Tobias Harris and Redick himself finish contract this summer and the first of them could look for a salary maximum that makes him change his destination. Jimmy Butler has a player option and the options to execute it are remote, as he will look for a contract improvement that, like Harris, could take him away from Philadelphia. "I have not thought about it yet, I have to sit down and talk to my team" , Butler settled this Monday when asked about his future.

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