Embiid (33 + 10 + 5) dominates Marc and the 76ers settle

Philadelphia 76ers is much more solid than the Raptors one more game and the Canadians are starting the series. Partidazo of Embiid.

The 76ers achieved the victory at home, the first match of the tie there, and they put the 2-1 against the Raptors. The series has intensified and Canadians are beginning to choke, thanks in part and mode to Joel Embiid acting as charismatic leader and Jimmy Butler as shadow leader.

The good start of the Sixers was reminiscent of the second game, it was an example of what Brett Brown's people had to do to control the game. Joel Embiid (33 points, 10 rebounds and 5 blocks) put on his star boots and did not take them off in the whole match, his start gave his team the lead. The bad thing for Marc Gasol is that, even sitting down, the power forward today was a threat because Greg Monroe also knew how to hurt. Equally highlighted at the beginning Tobias Harris on the one hand and Danny Green on the other, and it was two triples of the latter that cooled the sixer machine and allowed not to leave on the scoreboard from the beginning.

At the end of the first quarter came the first strong clash: Ibaka elbowed him to Redick that was sanctioned as flagrant type 1. Then it would be Simmons who would use his elbow against the crotch of Lowry, who played at home (it's from Philadelphia ). It was creating an atmosphere of tension that would explode with the multiple shock, because there were several actions of blows everywhere, between the two Cameroonians: Embiid and Siakam. All this amalgam left touched the Raptors, who did not expect to take the game to the physical and reacted badly to it: les affected perhaps too and is not a good precedent.

The Sixers took verticality to their game thanks to Simmons and Butler and there is where Toronto, who was barely managing with Kawhi Leonard and little else, suffered. The problem is that in the static, which the Raptors know how to control better, they did not work either. Gasol attacked Monroe shortly, again on the court in the third period, despite his bad reputation as defender and the differences between teams were more towards the fifteen than the ten.

When it seemed that the party was dozing, the 76ers put the direct with a plug of Embiid to Siakam and a mate of Butler to the counter with which Allen Iverson vibrated, attentive spectator who broke the heart of some Raptors who fell again and who leave with the feeling of having less solutions than the rival when the confrontation goes crazy or gets complicated; they have to come back.

Photos from as.com
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