Embarrassing until the end

Sad end of cycle to a historic generation in Madrid. Bale did not even play. Partidazo de Carvalho and Lo Celso. Doblete de Setién: won at the Camp Nou and the Bernabéu.

It was a May 19, festivity of Sanseacabó, very celebrated this time by the madridismo. The sad end of a tetracampeona generation of Europe that dissolves. Keylor intoned the one until here we have stopped and it was left ovacionado and moved, like Undiano, that hung the whistle. Bale saw him from the bench, it is not known whether by spite or to avoid the additional punishment of the whistle. Those who leave are as bad as those who remain. And the fans abroncó so embarrassing final. The Betis, in a bad year but with two great, Lo Celso and Carvalho, left a record for history: never before won at home to Barça and Madrid in the same course.

For the farewell mixed Zidane to insurance, probable, possible, improbable and impossible, the rich fauna that has congregated in Madrid in these months in limbo, very favorable for the demoscopia on the future of the template. Keylor and Llorente left, with an exit ticket. And they also coincided in the eleven Brahim and Vinicius, which together add the age of Joaquín (37) and who have just landed in the future. Gathering them, Zidane responded to popular acclaim.

El Betis tried to cover his influence in the game by liquidating Madrid in his field, putting a wall in the exit of the ball, always verdiblanca. That has left Setién and that has kept him, beyond the final results and the inclemency of Villamarín. The style is above his corpse. Así, a slow Betis, chewing the play, was dominating Madrid, which neither Llorente nor Valverde got out of the jam. They are not players of great handling. But the Betis faints as soon as the area smells and that penalizes his game a lot.

De bad to worse

El Madrid, who also wanted to advance their pressure punctually, had only edge on the left, with a more enterprising Marcelo than in recent months and with the acceleration of Vinicius, king of the unfinished symphonies. At his speed he suffered Betis, but with a defense of aids they were able to close the spaces.

There was a distribution of opportunities before the break, only two of them really clear and in a minute: Benzema crashed into the wood a gift from Francis, whose clearance It turned out to be half a pass of death, and a Vaseline, after control with the thigh, of Lo Celso, Keylor pulled out almost over the crossbar. The Argentine reiterated that air of complete footballer who has left throughout the season. Nacido pin, has not turned his back on the auction (16 goals) in the face of the general shortage of the team. Definitely, a find.

The second half sharpened the fang of Madrid, which squeezed a lot of the exit from behind the Betis filling ambush the opponent's midfield. The team continued defeated to the left, with an eye on Vinicius, who grazed the goal after a dribble in a brick. The shot was something else.

But, in those, Betis got the move he looked for throughout the game. He found Lo Celso, the player of the morning, the back to Varane and the start of Guardado culminated with a center that topped Loren at pleasure. Before he had forgiven Undiano red Carvajal. He did not want to leave wounds in his farewell.

The goal opened the game. Madrid put more seasoned players, Asensio and Isco. Setién resorted to Jesé, a very useful footballer in spaces. The move was better for Betis, with two good opportunities for Lo Celso against a broken Madrid and the goal of Jesse himself in great play of Junior, who submitted his candidacy to Florentino. And the fans asked in August to return others.

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