Do you stay in Boston? Some teams have doubts with Kyrie

Irving has not reacted well during some moments of this season and his volatile past does not accompany either.

Steve Bulpett (Boston Herald) says that several teams that counted as possible future destinations for Kyrie Irving, both future and this summer (in which he is a free agent), are beginning to distrust the talented base. This is what has been talked about in the NBA Draft Combine, where scouts and managers of the franchises meet to evaluate the young people who want to reach the League.

The information mentions the game of the Celtics throughout the year and, above all, the attitude of Irving after falling to the Bucks in these playoffs. The teams do not want to trust everything to a player with a changing personality and whose commitment was already questioned in his time at the Cavaliers, when he requested the transfer just after winning the 2016.

championship. Up to two teams, he says, are of the opinion of sign another great free agent beforehand and then establish if that other player would approve the arrival of Irving. That is, a second dish. Chemistry and roles are important, something that became clear when he faced LeBron James for that reason.

However, saying all this, the journalist assures that the Celtics doubt, as is logical, but waiting for Kyrie Irving to fulfill his word and finish renovating. A transfer to get Anthony Davis, with Irving or without Irving in the template, is not ruled out either. Danny Ainge, low after suffering a heart attack, will try to join.

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