Djokovic increases the distance: he will be number one at least until Wimbledon

The victory of Djokovic in the Mutua final shoots him in the standings, which he leads with 12,115 points, 4,170 more than Nadal, who can not score in Rome or Roland Garros.

With his victory in the final of the Mutua Madrid Open, Novak Djokovic has increased the difference as number one in the world ranking with respect to his most immediate pursuer and the only one that could disturb him, Rafa Nadal. The Serbian has won 955 in the Masters 1.000 Spanish and now accumulates 12,115, 4,170 more than the Balearic, who leaves the capital with 180 more than he had for a total of 7,945. This week, Djokovic has taken 775 more to Nadal.

This way, the three-time Mutua champion will maintain the leadership mathematically at least until Wimbledon, although logic and calendar of both, except Nole debacle, should get to the US Open as owner of the throne. Nadal can not score in either Rome or Roland Garros because he won both tournaments last year, while Djokovic only added 360 between the two. Then he added 300 in Queen's while his opponent rested that week. Then he won 2,000 in Wimbledon after eliminating Spanish in the semifinals, which remained in 720.

In total, from here to the end of the season, Djokovic defends 6,670 points, and Nadal, somewhat less, 5,440, The chances of the Balkan ends the year as number one are quite grandes.


Lo defending:

Roma 360


Roland Garros


Queen's 3,004,444,444 20,004,444,444 904,444,444



Shanghái 1.000





París 1.000


ATP Finals

Total 6.770


Lo defending:

Rome 1.000

Roland Garros 2.000

Wimbledon 720

Canadá 1.000

US Open 720

Total 5.440

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