Demare saves the final montonera and triumphs in Modena

A fall within the last kilometer, caused by Ackermann, conditioned the arrival and eliminated several sprinters. The favorites, without problems.

"One of the most useless profile stickers I've ever seen". Thomas de Gendt, perhaps the most active and charismatic runner in the social networks, explained with humor what the squad was going to find between Rávena and Modena: a totally flat route of 145 kilometers, without more difficulty than remembering where the two were intermediate sprints. However, the quiet of the day (again animated by two invited Italian team runners: Hatshuyama, from Nippo, and Covili, from Bardiani) led to uncertainty and tension due to a violent fall that conditioned the volata within the last kilometer.

Pascal Ackermann, the most fit sprinter and cyclamen jersey, made the sharpener and provoked a montonera. The German entered totally bloodied in the goal, with blows and scrapes throughout the body, and the shredded shirt and jersey. Nor did they dispute the arrival of Moschetti or Mareczko, notably affected, such as Consonni. The favorites, without mishaps. So Groupama took advantage of the chaos. Guarnieri, one of the best pitchers in the world, left the win on a plate to Arnaud Demare. The Frenchman reached his first victory in the Giro (he has two in the Tour) ahead of Elia Viviani, very angry to lose again: "I did not come to always finish the second" .

On the other side of the coin, Demare: "I feel very happy and proud to celebrate my first success in the Giro, my second big round with a bullseye after the Tour. Now I only have the Vuelta. " The Groupama formed a block to clothe him, and he responded in the tenth stage. Fran Ventoso, one of the pieces of the CCC train for Jakub Mareczko, tried a solo move on the streets of Modena. He enjoyed "launching the race", despite the fact that the movement did not prosper. The 37-year-old Cantabrian veteran shows two victories in the Corsa Rosa in his palmares.

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