Del Potro: "For me Davis Cup is something finished"

Juan Martín del Potro (Tandil, 30 years old) will play again on Tuesday (12:00) in doubles with Nishikori as a couple. If all goes well, you will dispute the individual table. Before, he chatted with As.

Juan Martín del Potro (Tandil, 30) will return to the activity at the Mutua Madrid Open. This Tuesday (12:00) will play in doubles with the Japanese Nishikori as a couple. If all goes well, you will dispute the individual table. Before, he chatted with As.

How is he on his return to Madrid?

I'm very happy to be here. It makes me feel like a player again. It is a step that I need for my progression and to look for my best form. To return to feel physically full and be able to leave the knee injury behind. Therefore, this tournament is very important to see what situation I am in and what I have to improve.

If I put a percentage to its physical form, what would it be?

I am not near the best. I came to this tournament three or four days ago having moved a little bit. Here I was able to train with the best, and I endured that intensity they have. The body is answering me. All these things seem simple, but for me they have great value. I have a doubles match (today, with Nishikori as a couple). The idea is to see how I am: if my body has no message to give me ... I have the illusion of playing the single.

This last lesion (right knee) is taken with philosophy, before facing them worse?

It is There are moments and moments in which to deal with pain or an injury. I need to feel how my body is in an official match. Madrid is a good option because the playing conditions are fast, the points are not so long and you can run less.

Was there a diagnostic error on your ailment?

The reality is that I did everything the doctors told me advised It was an injury that I planned to overcome in a certain time and it was lengthening until a month ago I started working with Dr. Cotorro (Nadal's) and in a short time I am going to play a tournament.

Although his Mouth does not help, ¿ What have you done to overcome the injury psychologically?

Do not treat that topic (laughs), except in Madrid (where the final of the Libertadores that River won was played). I have feelings and pains. Some think that since I've already resurfaced once it's easy to do it again, and it's not like that. Now I'm having some very good days. I'm feeling good. And although Boca does not give me all the joys I want, I know that he will soon give them to me.

Why do you think that Messi does not receive the same affection in Argentina as other sportsmen like you or Ginóbili?

Así Argentina and, even so, we would all choose it to be reborn. I also suffered similar things before winning the Davis. It is very complicated to leave everyone happy. It is a minority group who thinks badly about Messi. My feeling is that people do love it, it is our world reference, something unique.

Regarding the Davis Cup, do you plan to return?

No. From Zagreb, where we got the title, for me it is something finished. Many changes come, I hope it continues to work well and I wish for the best.

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