Del Potro carbura at Roland Garros and leaves Jarry out

The Tandil took a set to start but as soon as he did he was intractable to defeat Jarry in four sets. Wait rival in the second round.

If Argentinian tennis fans could make a wish it would be to see Juan Martín del Potro who left today at Suzanne Lenglen of Roland Garros. In good physical shape, with confidence and showing a level of excellent tennis, despite a first set in which it cost him to enter the duel. In the first round of the second Grand Slam of the year he defeated Nicolás Jarry in four rounds (6-3, 2-6, 1-6 and 3-6) . A triumph of merit over a rival that arrived in progression and that was able to surprise him during some stages of the duel.

It was to understand that Del Potro found it difficult to adapt easily to the game. It came after a week of rest and I knew that this first crossing could turn into a death trap. Jarry, on the other hand, arrived more tired after playing in Geneva during the week, but he had in mind that his options were to print a high tempo to the game from the first point. Thus, took the first set 6-3 with some comfort.

From the second set the game changed radically. Delpo was able to adapt to the conditions and intensity of Jarry. He began to counteract the good serve of his rival by taking the break in the second game of the second set. This, added to a remarkable improvement with his service, became a mixture that caused the Chilean to fall apart, unable to overcome the scope of Del Potro.

El de Tandil began a walk in the second set that would continue in the third . Only in the fourth Jarry could resist some resistance, but he still had many problems to win his service, while Del Potro did not give up. A 3-6 in the fourth gave the win and the second round pass to Juan Martín, who will face the winner of the Nishioka - McDonald.

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