De Laurentiis: "Cristiano has been the coach of Juventus"

The president of Naples: "The Bianconero coach could not do more, the Luso has been the motivator of the team." About Insigne: "I can not force him to stay".

The president of Nápoles Aurelio De Laurentiis, invited to a meeting organized by the Corriere dello Sport in Rome, commented on the news of his team and the season of Juventus with the arrival of Ronaldo: "Cristiano, in this course, has replaced the The coach of Juve could not do more than he did in all these years: the Luso was the motivator, when I saw him with the Portugal team he was on the bench and shouted more than the coach himself. If he reproached me for not signing him, no, because I could not afford it. "

The highest leader of the Azorean club also spoke of the future of Lorenzo Insigne:" He is Neapolitan and feels the colors, but if he does not want to stay I can not force him. he asked me to leave because he does not feel wanted by the fans, he did it also before the meeting we had recently with 11111 11Mino Raiola ".

During the meeting, De Laurentiis described the situation that live several funds of the Italian stadiums with their ultras:" English football had major reforms, our Ministry of the Interior is absent and is hiding. In our stadiums they sell drugs, good fans can not participate in the funds because 500, 1000 people take their site and do business there. "

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