De la Fuente: "Núñez has been very good when he has played"

De Córdoba added the coach Sub 21 to AS that "is a very interesting guy" and the Sevilla-Athletic crossing a wish: "That both are classified for the Europa League".

Friday gives the pre-list of the Under-21 for the European Championship of Italy.

There are players who are likely to be with the absolute and I must be in contact with Luis Enrique.

A hard group in Bologna.

We have Italy, Poland and Belgium in Bologna, we started on June 16 with the host.

It will be a list with discards ...

We have been working with them for more than a year and depending on the Absolute the 25 or 26 from which the list will come out of 23 is more or less decided.

Do you worry that Unai Núñez is playing little while being a starter in the Under-21?

He has been coming to the calls, although it is a situation that is usually given at that age in teams very good ones. I do not worry, that lack of minutes can be supplemented with talent.

Y Nunez has done really well ...

Yes, these last games, removing the last one that has not played against Celta, has been very good.

Y Unai Simón on the bench.

The goalkeepers we are taking are substitutes, like Sivero in Alavés and Dani Martín, who played this week at Sporting because Mariño was injured, Juan Soriano ... No goalkeeper of that age we are driving has minutes in their clubs.

Iñigo Córdoba can also strain in the list.

Not come with me to the National Team, in a well covered position, but has all the possibilities, is a very interesting guy too.

Y Villalibre is late?

It's 97 as Soler and Oyarzabal, although there are other forwards that are very good. The most important thing about Asier is that he is a very important player for the future of Athletic. A scorer.

A Sancet and Vencedor already had them in the Sub-19.

Son of 2000, Sancet has been with me in the Mediterranean Games, is a marvel. Both have a great future. Lezama is a safe value.

Etxebe will train the Bilbao Athletic.

Le wish all the luck. I have a good relationship with him. He is ready after training Amorebieta and Tenerife.

El Athletic plays the seventh place with Sevilla. A lot of morbid for you among your exequipos ...

Very nice, I hope that you both qualify for the Europa League and that the result that benefits both. It's going to be very disputed.

He was surprised by the Athletic comeback in the league from the descent to almost touch roof?

In December the situation was very worrying. The reaction to Garitano's work has been sensational, surprising. Merit of the coaching staff and the players.

And the Portugalete, his exclub, qualified for the playoff ...

- And the Haro, do not forget. I'm enjoying. All are good news, fantastic.

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