Curry looks for the ring in Toronto, city that takes in the heart

It was the first place where he showed all his potential, at 13, when he was still a school kid. Stephen Curry now returns to Toronto.

A Stephen Curry is related mainly to three cities. Oakland, obviously, that's where he's making history with the Warriors. Charlotte, the place where he spent most of his childhood and where he returned to excel in college basketball. And Akron, in Ohio, where he shares birth with LeBron James. But Curry has an equally important relationship with another city: Toronto.

Allí had to move at the beginning of the century when his father Dell was hurrying the last years of his career in the Raptors (1999-2002) . An era that caught him and his brother Seth in full adolescencia and beginning to make his first steps in the world of basketball. In Toronto they still remember the 2001-02 season, in which the team at Queensway Christian College, which until then did not have a great basketball tradition, became the fashion team. And he did it in the hands of Steph, who led them to do a perfect course (16-0 record) .

Also he was part of the Toronto 5-0, composed of players from all over the city competing in the regional tournament of Ontario , one of the thirteen provinces of Canada of which Toronto is its capital. "There was a lot of level at that time, it was not easy, every time I come here I'm glad that Canada is represented in the League," said Curry during one of his visits. Also these Toronto 5-0 led them to the provincial title (33-4) facing some future NBA players like Kelly Olynyk or Cory Joseph.

"He loves this city, his wife is from here and his family is still He lives in Toronto, "Dell Curry explained on one occasion, recalling another curious relationship between his son and the city. Although Steph and Ayesha would not meet until years later in Charlotte, in a group of the church, destiny was going to want his wife to be Canadian. Dell also discovered that it was here that his son realized what he wanted to be when he grew up: "At first I was worried about the weather, if it was going to be an impediment to practice, but I was old enough to know what I wanted I remember an anecdote from the first day he went to school, when he returned home he told us 'We're going away, we do not care how long I do'. "

For someone who was already so focused on basketball, home games from his father they became paradise. The last time he visited Toronto with the Warriors in November he could not play, he was recovering from an injury. But he did train in an annex of the ScotiaBank Arena, a place that brings back great memories: "There's a lot, especially being on this training court."

"My brother and I used to be here during the first quarters of the games, playing one on one or something like that ... In the second quarter we went out to the track to see how the game went, during the break and in the third quarter we would go back here and shoot and then we would finish the match ". That was the modus operandi of the Curry brothers while the progenitor of the family was in court.

"This brings back many memories of the people who worked for the franchise behind the spotlight, many familiar faces that I hope to see every year. my wife's family is still here ... Everything plays in favor of emotions when I return to Toronto ", said the base, who is about to start playing the most sentimental finale for him of the five he has reached.

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