Curry hits bottom at the worst moment for the Warriors

The base played one of the worst games of his career in the third against the Rockets and concerns about numbers ... and especially sensations.

The Warriors will still have to sweat to get the Rockets back on track (as in 2015, 2016 and 2018). But they are not yet in a compromising situation: They are 2-1, they have two games left in the Oracle and they have 20 knockouts in a row (the whole Kerr era and beyond) winning at least one home match . They have experience and have seen themselves in worse situations, but the truth is that they missed a good chance to leave sentenced to their great rival from the West with a 3-0 that has never been overcome in the history of the playoffs. After going in tow throughout the central stretch of the game, Kevin Durant's combustion and some good defensive minutes left the triumph with a shot: 110-112 46 seconds from the end, 119-118 in the equator of extra time. Tomorrow Monday we will know how alive is a tie that would play , if it reaches seven, four games in seven days between that quarter and the last one, which would be played on Sunday.

After the third, another war between large and small quintets, secondary or less productive, and James Harden and Kevin Durant, the proper name was Stephen Curry. Or the shadow of Stephen Curry, as assumed by even Marcus Thompson, a journalist from The Athletic who is a friend of the two-time MVP, about whom he has written a book ("Golden"):

Curry finished the game failing a mate, one of the Viral scenes of the season, which consumed the last breath of life of some Warriors that were not even needed in the last seconds (126-121 final). It was a metaphor of difficult explanation (why try, a player like him, a mate precisely in that situation?) Of a really horrendous game: 17 points, 7/23 in field goals, 2/9 in triples, 1/3 in free throws, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 losses, 5 personal fouls and -1 in his more than 45 minutes on the court. Failed up to six trays, some at crucial moments, and stayed in a 3/10 shot in the paint. Between the last quarter and the extension signed a 0/6 in shots with 4 personals and a -6 on track. Forty points from Kevin Durant and triple-double from Draymond Green or another Iguodala surgery did not help at all. The Warriors should not be accessible with Durant at this level. And they had never lost (27-1 now) when Green signed a triple-double. It seems easy: with a good version of Curry, the Warriors would have won for sure. With a regular one, too. With a simply bad, possibly also. The one in this game was abysmal, disastrous. The playoffs are also not good after a brilliant start against the Clippers.

Curry averages in 9 games 22.6 points and 4.9 assists with 3.6 triple scored, all minimum of his career in the playoffs. His shooting series is 44.6% (field: very low for him), 40% in triples and 94% in free throws. Against the Rockets, their stockings sink: 18.3 points, 4.4 rebounds, 4.3 assists, 3 losses, 5 personals, 2.7 triples, 36% in shots with 25% in triples (8/32 ) and less than 78% from the line of personnel. He has seven consecutive games with less than five triples, something very strange in him (it is, in fact, the fourth worst streak of his career). But it is not about the failed shots, which should be thought (rivals, especially) that sooner or later enter: are the sensations, gaps and failures in defense, bad decisions, passes blunders, losses, doubts in free kicks ... Beyond the line of three, Stephen Curry is a shadow of the player who is usually also in the playoffs (25.8 points, 4.1 triples with 40.7%) and this last match can having been the worst in the Kerr era, behind, for example, of 3/16 in the third of the last Finals in Cleveland. O, of course, the seventh of 2016, when he stayed in 17 points with a 4/14 in triples and a 6/19 total, unable to overtake Kevin Love in the play that followed the already historic triple Kyrie Irving.

Curry sprained his ankle in the last game against the Clippers and had dislocated from the previous one against the Rockets the middle finger of the left hand (not the shooting), but that should not explain (not at all, this is not like the knee injury in 2016) problems that seem largely mental. The Warriors have veered towards an attack in which the ball is almost always in the hands of Durant, which of course changes the role of a Curry for now ineffective, threatening (something that makes life much easier for the Rockets and complicates it to Klay Thompson) less than he should and that he alternates good defenses with expensive disconnections (the Rockets look for him clearly in the pick and roll) and a propensity for fouls that he drags from the first round: carries 32 triples and 36 personals in these nine games. The pothole surprises already by long and by deep (attackdefense, shooting, concentration, direction ...). But his sister and his wife, at least, do not want to take it too hard:

After the match, Chris Haynes (Yahoo) found in the locker room an uncommunicative Curry, on an exercise bike while consulting his cell phone before appear before the press to take with philosophy the failed mate, avoid putting your finger annoyed as an excuse, assume some responsibility and promise, at a time of maximum scrutiny to their performance, that life can really complicate the Rockets from Tomorrow: " The shots ... I will start to enter". We will see.

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