CSKA reigns in Europe and Sergio Rodríguez makes history

The Russian team achieves its 8th Euroleague and goes on the hunt for Madrid, which has ten. The trio Higgins, De Colo and MVP Clyburn neutralized Larkin's power. Second title for El Chacho.

El Madrid could be celebrating its 11th Euroleague, but gave an advantage in the semifinal that CSKA did know how to hold in the decisive game. The team of the Red Army compensated the attacks of a great Larkin (29 points), who left some penetration for the anthology, and raised his eighth European Cup. He returned to kick ghosts, those who chased him from previous defeats. And there is only one immutable truth: the one that arrives the most is the one that loses the most, and the CSKA always arrives. It is thus made stronger in the second place of the palmarés continental, a hunting white club, which has ten trophies.

Fue a solid block in the final and governed with Clyburn of MVP of the two parties, the European Antetokounmpo, according to Ataman, and with a very complete Higgins (20 points per beard). And also resolved with De Colo, who ends contract and wants to play again in Spain (does not fit into the plans of Barca, so make cavaliers). The French, as on Friday, was decisive in the last quarter, with 8 of its 15 points.

The recipe of Itoudis costs more to put it into practice than to tell it: very mobile defense and outstanding success in the triple, 14 of 22, after a very good circulation of the ball with excellent players in the one against one. And there, in the middle of the celebration, with face of triumph, Sergio Rodríguez, minus this time (6 goals in 14:32), but without him, CSKA would have played for third place. He held his team in the semifinals when the ship threatened to capsize. Second Euroleague for Tenerife, after 2015 dressed in white. The first one obtained by a player born in Spain with a foreign team.

Spectacular start with both teams aiming without truce, although the champion already threatened to charge the final: 20-34. Ataman put his best meat on the spit and, with Larkin, Micic, Simon and Dunston, put together the reaction: 45-44. The blow came with the fourth Dunston staff. The Efes suffered without his speed and strength behind. Hines became huge and Clyburn then emerged strongly; Higgins had not left. The red ship put 14 up in the minute 28. There was fright (81-85), but no complete comeback. The CSKA reign again, there is no harm that a hundred years last, they say now in Moscow.

Photos from as.com
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