Cima wins the firing squad before the final turn of the Giro

The Italian won in extremis with the breath of Ackermann in the neck. For the favorites it was a stage of transition before the mountain.

Pascal Ackermann got off his bike during the ascent to Anterselva. The German sprinter had to be persuaded in the Bora's car so he would not leave the day before the last chance for the volata. "Fuuuuck !!", thundered at the Santa María di Sala finish. One, two, three, four ... up to five blunt blows to the handlebar. Ackermann was caught his third victory in the Giro 2019 by just a few pedals. Pure frustration. Triunfó the leak for a few meters. The obstinacy and perseverance of Damiano Cima triumphed, more than 900 kilometers away from the group in search of a reward that did not arrive. "¡Sììììì !!" Pure happiness.

Debutante in the Italian round, his first bullseye in a big one the whole squad celebrated: a success for the day laborers and gold diggers. At 25 years, Cima justified the presence of Nippo-Vini Fantini in the Giro and practically a sporting career at the moment very modest. To Ackermann it was the console nothing less to recover the maglia ciclamino of hands of Arnaud Demare. If the accounts go well to the Bora, keep the pledge to Verona.

Damiano Cima and Mirco Maestri, who have coincided in four escapades in this Giro, left with Nico Denz, who put more effort, road to Santa Maria di Room. 222 kilometers to descend from the Alps to almost Venice. The teams of the sprinters were confused and Cima took advantage of the occasion. In the days the three days that will decide the race, two high mountain and the Verona time trial, the favorites and their companions were dedicated to not suffer any mishap and to whistle while there was an unsuccessful hunt.

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