Cima culminates a brilliant escape to the sprint; the general, same

Damiano Cima was the strongest of the three fugitives and endured the pulse by inches to the peloton. Second was Ackermann. The general, without changes.

Truendo final. Damiano Cima won in what was theoretically the last stage to the sprint in this Giro d'Italia. In fact, Cima sprinted to take the victory, but it was also to 210 goal, when he formed the break with Denz and Maestri. fought and fought to reach the finish line and, in the last kilometer, Cima was the strongest to overtake Ackermann, who was second but who snatches the points jersey to Demare. If he arrives in Verona on Sunday, it is his. Carapaz, leader one more day before the final round of this Giro d'Italia.

This is how we live the eighteenth stage of the Giro d'Italia

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