Champions to shot and descent around the corner

Jorge Molina and Angel leave the azulones caressing the miracle of the fourth place. Those of Eusebio, very nervous, are closer to Second.

When LaLiga started in August the templates of Getafe and Girona seemed to be of an even level. Today one caresses the Champions and the other the descent. The Coliseum lived a morning party for the nocturnal ones that are about to arrive. With the Europa League secured, Bordalás's players were convinced that the miracle is possible and their fourth place. Those of Eusebio will have to throw calculator and tembleque.

La difference between the illusion and the fear is what there was in the first time between Getafe and Girona. It can not be said that the blues will play better in the academic sense. A plus of enthusiasm seized the pressure and in the midst of the scoring came a pass into the space of Foulquier that Don Jorge Molina did not miss. Just completed thirty-seven and has beaten his record scorer in First, nothing more to add. Damian represented that difference. He stole up and left spaces behind him that no one knew how to take advantage of. The two wanted and only one set the pace .

Almost before overcoming the shock, Olivera had the second that would have slowed hearts, but he found Bono. Girona sometimes wanted the ball and sometimes played long. He did not hit his arrivals, the clearest shot from Portu at point-blank range and unbalanced that Soria saved. Taking the ball from behind the Catalans were a flan and that is to give much advantage to a Bordalás team.

Eusebio was not able to change the sensations after the break. The bench moved more by inertia than by conviction. El Geta was retreating, always with two threats on top. Angel replaced Mata and had his, Arambarri another in an individual action. The sentence was closer than the draw. And he arrived, of course he arrived for Ecstasy of the Coliseum. Nobody knows what Bruno was doing in the rival area in a counterattack until he assisted Ángel and the canary gave another push of Champions.

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