Celta breathe against Barça B

Those of Escribá take a big step towards salvation. Eleven of Valverde's circumstances. Dembélé was injured after 25 seconds of play.

Un Barça meritorious and suspicious that you do not know very well who paint in this team and that are only for these occasions, fell in Balaídos by 2-0 in a party of procedure for the Blaugrana and vital for the premises that took a step giant to continue in First at the expense of condemning the Rayo Vallecano. He did well Valverde in reserving players, because the medical part of the duel left two casualties: Dembélé and Todibo. The first, seriously affects the team for the remainder of the season.

Tanta caution to reserve players for the great game on Tuesday at Anfield and 25 seconds after the game fell Dembélé. The French end tried to start an acceleration and the second stride stopped and put his hand to the back of the right thigh. He endured a couple of minutes walking through the field absolutely disoriented without believing that the misfortune had returned to primed in him to the desperation of a Valverde that from the opposite side shouted asking him to throw himself to the ground and ask for the change.

Although this abrupt start of game that the technician blaugrana solved giving entrance in the equipment to Collado, that debuted thus in Primer, was the Barcelona the one that dominated the beginning of the party. The Celta, maybe paralyzed by his situation in the table, he was not going for the game. It lacked ambition to a local team that left a small group of pipiolos commanded by Riqui Puig, Wagué, Collado and Aleñá were done with the pace of play.

Dio a step forward the Celta on the half hour of game when Hugo Mallo touched the Corneta and went to the attack beginning to force corners, which were more agglomeration than danger. From the start, it was fine Cillessen in those situations as it was Todibo in the corrections in defense. Then, the thing would change.

El Celta went from less to more, while Barcelona lived on the production of their youngest kids. The cons of Riqui Puig and the progressions of Wague by the band were the highlights, but the Blaugrana team lacked a fang to complete its performance.

A base to force corners, the Celta managed to score after a rejection of Cillessen that He hunted Araújo in the small area. After three eternal minutes of revision in the Sala del VOR, the referee broke his decision, which was millimeters in favor of Barça. A cold shower for the public and began a new game in which Barca was aware that he had just saved his head and Celta had to recover from the blow. They resumed.

Al Barça urged him to regain possession of the ball and for that it was necessary to appear Arthur, until that moment transparent in the game. The Brazilian showed no signs of improvement and at game time, Valverde decided to take the game more seriously and entered Arturo Vidal withdrawing the Brazilian from the field.

His output coincided with the Todibo injury and while Barcelona was with ten players the Celta took the opportunity to hang a ball that Maxi finished unappealably. A great goal.

El Barça did not know how to react to this goal and looked to attack, but without creating danger. The Celta became the owner of the game and saw near the goal of a vital triumph for them that materialized when Wague touched the ball with his hand. The VAR decreed the penalty that transformed Aspas.

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