"McLaren can start thinking about 2020 and I like that"

Carlos Sainz, in Monaco: "A trip here is fun, but very stressful". On the Indy: "It's a disappointment, but I have not followed much."

It would be unfair to say that Carlos Sainz arrives calmer after two races scoring, because when he did not he kept the same gesture and stressed the same patience. With this car there was no need to be in a hurry, he seemed to say. Now, in another circuit that likes to fight for the top-10, which inevitably happens to enter Q3 on Saturday. The McLaren MCL34 complies, in the last tests they understood the problems of Barcelona. "The problem", precise, although without explaining what it was.

-In Monaco, what chance is that ahead to three cars in the last ten laps ?

- (Laughs) Very few ... unless it rains and turns into a crazy race. Especially with the cars from 2017 onwards it is very difficult because they are wider and you can not see the whole curve. Last year Vettel could not overtake Ricciardo when he had 160 hp less, so imagine ...

-Of the five previous circuits, what McLaren convinces him more?

-It was certainly Bahrain, but it was also due to the characteristics of the circuit. After five big prizes we think we know what kind of curves we are doing well.

-¿And Monaco?

-Monaco is the big question, there are many times when the car does not go well in the third sector of Barcelona, but you get here, you have good grip and the confidence comes. Monaco is a separate case.

-At what percentage does the pilot influence this circuit, which might not influence a conventional layout?

-If it is normally 80% car, 20% pilot, here is 75% - 25% .

-How is a return in Monaco?

-Divertida but very stressful, or vice versa. You do not have any time to breathe and lower the maximum concentration. But for me it is one of the great prizes that I like the most, you depend a lot on trust, that's the five percent difference that I said, and that's why it's such a different circuit.

-Here the Q3 is fundamental, but in the last big prizes ...

-Yes, sure. In Baku I had the problem with Grosjean, in Barcelona we were missing a tenth with that problem we had ... and that's it. In China there was not much either, although in Bahrain we had more than enough. There are differences between circuits and we do not know where Monaco will be. For Canada and later we do know how it can go unless the improvements of other teams make important changes. Here there are no improvements, for June or July there can be. Anyway, we are already thinking about next year, I like that, it means that the team is growing as if to start developing it, as the weeks go by it becomes more important.

-How did you experience what happened in Indianapolis? ?

-I was not in shock because I was not following much, I have not been involved in the Indy project. I did not know what results they expected, although for what I know they were not thinking about coming and winning. From the outside it's true, it's disappointing for all the team that McLaren and Alonso do not qualify. It is a setback, in motorsport there are things that do not go according to plan. If I talked to him? No, maybe in a couple of days.

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