Calero: "I can not overtake if (my future) will be blanquivioleta"

After the delivery of the best of Cadena SER, where he was accompanied by Olivas and Alcaraz, the canterano opened the door to a possible exit, and Suarez confirmed the continuity of Miguel Ángel Gómez.

El Mesón Casa Pedro served as the setting for the Awards for the best of the season of Real Valladolid given by Radio Valladolid of the Cadena SER. One more year the leading radio in the sport of Valladolid brought together players, managers and sponsors of these individual awards. The award-winning players were accompanied by the CEO of Real Valladolid, Carlos Suárez, the sports director, Miguel Ángel Gómez, and the press officer of the club, Mario Miguel.

The companies committed to the sport of Valladolid were not lacking, more specifically with these awards , Alejandro Bueno de Colchonerias Miguel, sponsor of the Trophy for the best canterano won by Calero, Roberto Muñoz, of Casa Pedro, who throughout the year has sponsored the trophy for the best player of the course that fell into the hands of Rubén Alcaraz, and Angela de Miguel , visible head of Negotía Abogados, sponsor of the trophy for the best defense of the season that took Kiko Olivas. The winners have had to be regular in their work throughout the year, since they earn after accounting for the points awarded by the writing of the SER after each day.

After the typical initial circles in which they spoke fundamentally of happiness for This impressive final of the League, the act began with the words of the sports editor of the Cadena Ser in Castilla y León, José Ignacio Tornadijo: "It is difficult to award individual awards in a year in which the group has shone so much. Surely there will be players who also deserve to be awarded, but those who have won in each section have earned it. Despite having bad times, confidence in this team and its technician has been constant. It has been a very beautiful and very exciting year. "

The winners spoke. Then the players started to pass. The first to collect his prize was Fernando Calero: "In the dressing room we were very aware from the beginning that it was going to be a very difficult year. We started very well and that made people create false expectations. Then came the bad times, but we stayed together and got the goal. I'm from Valladolid and I've never seen this union between the team and the fans. In all the years I've been to the stadium I've never seen anything so close. He started last year in the game against Osasuna and he has been growing, he has been impressive ".

The second one to go through the improvised stage was Kiko Olivas:" We had to spend a week like this. We are calm and enjoying the moment. The season has been good in general, but in the moment of truth the team has taken a step forward, both individually and collectively, it has been noticed and has caused a great end. It is a time to enjoy what has been achieved because everyone knows that it has been very difficult. " The last one to appear was the one designated as the best player of the team, Rubén Alacaraz: "From the first day I came here, I dreamed about this. I am very grateful to the people who have trusted me. We've done something very big, I'm still living in a cloud. Honestly, this award could have been taken by any of my colleagues, but I appreciate it very much. It has been a very tough season and these three days of rest have been very good for us. " Alcaraz has been present in many of the League's statistical lists, among the best in recovery, in fouls committed and leader in fouls received: "My teammates say I'm a piscinero," he joked. On the last League match he added: "We are professionals. We have freed ourselves from the tension and now it's time to play football. "

After the awarding of the prizes to the best, Fernando Calero went through the microphones of the SER and left a striking headline when asked about a possible renewal with the Real Valladolid: "It's time to rest, on Sunday we are on vacation, we will disconnect everything and in summer it will be seen. I can not advance (if my future) will be blanquivioleta, hopefully, or if I will have to go elsewhere ", and corroborated that" we are willing to offer a victory to the fans. The Vallecas was something incredible, but we want to celebrate with the 26,000 who come on Saturday. "

He also went through the microphones of the SER, Carlos Suarez, CEO of the club and former president, who explained that" we were convinced that we were going to succeed. Sunday was a hard day until the game ended, from there football has given us what we deserved, what we have worked on and now is a week in which they are delighted "and acknowledged that" the penalty is that there is not a place where we can eat the 30,000 that they have been supporting. " The former president defended the role of Ronaldo "because it is his first bet in the business world that he cI did not know I, in 19 years, have never arrived before the game and he has always been supportive in the dressing room and his involvement has been maximum. "

Suarez spoke of his continuity and that of Miguel Ángel Gómez and explained that" the day Ronaldo do not be happy, it will not give rise to the rumor mill. We all knew it was going to be a difficult year, but there is always someone who seems to want to say 'I am going to put something original and if it does not happen to anyone then it will take a toll. I let it go and there it is. If I succeed, I am a phenomenon, but ... ' The decisions will be made by the president as he sees it. Miguel Ángel has done a spectacular job and Ronaldo is a smart guy to think that if something works for what I'm going to touch him. "

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