Bottas against Hamilton: "Here there are two priority pilots"

The World Cup leader spoke with As in the presentation of the Mercedes EQC. "To win Lewis I have to be at my highest level in all the big prizes."

Two victories, two second places, two pole positions and a fast lap, which is the one that gives Lewis Hamilton an advantage to lead the World Championship by one point. Valtteri Bottas is a renewed driver this season: stronger physically and psychologically, with a huge self-confidence. Tired of renewing year after year, while the realization of F1 focuses on Ocon in the box of his team, and obsessed with not going down in history as a worthy squire of Mercedes, he feels ready to fight face to face against his partner. of equipment, the five-time champion, because Rosberg already showed that it is possible to beat him.

The 29-year-old Finn answers As's questions in the presentation of the Mercedes EQC, first electric car of the German manufacturer, which was held on Wednesday by the night in the Arenas of Barcelona between personalities and 'celebrities', which is already Valtteri. I expected to be a leader at this point? "That was my goal, and I'm very happy to see what is happening, although the difference is minimal between Lewis and me, it will continue to be that way and more people can come in. It will never be easy and there are still many races left."

A sure he knows what he must do to win Hamilton: "I have to be at my highest level All the time, in each of the great prizes, I have it clear" . "I have learned a lot from these last years, always you develop and learn new things about yourself, I think I've been able to unlock something, and behind it there's a lot of hard work with the team, "he explains about his approach to this season, the seventh for him in F1 with 122 grand prizes disputed, five victories and 34 podiums, the first nine with a Williams that no longer exists.

The big question of 2019, if Ferrari does not arrive, is to know if Mercedes will allow a fight between Hamilton and Bottas like the one that already held The British in front of Nico in 2016. That year in Montmeló both went to the gravel in the first round ("Of course I remember, I do not think it is repeated," said Valtteri) and the tension was maximum until the end of the year , when the German announced his retirement and facilitated the continuity of Lewis. Now, when in the neighboring garage there are clear team orders in favor of Vettel, what does Bottas expect? Will there be a priority pilot in Mercedes? "There are no priority pilots, well, rather ... (smiles) there are two priority pilots" .

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