Boston goes with everything: Smart could return in the fourth game

The Celtics player will be hesitant until the last moment, but he has said he has "hopes" of returning this morning; Brogdon will remain low in the Bucks.

Boston Celtics player Marcus Smart could return tonight for the fourth game of the Eastern Conference semifinals in which his team faces the Bucks. The guard, who was injured on April 7 in a game against the Magic, had in principle between four and six weeks off, but is advancing deadline and is already training with the group. "I have hope", he said.

"We see the evolution day by day, but we are definitely in the correct position. I have been hitting all kinds of things, coming and going from blocks, and everything went well. recover my body, "commented the American in statements collected by Tim Bontemps for ESPN. The return of the player is imminent, and the Celtics improved their status to questionable last Sunday.

The return of Smart could have accelerated due to the difficult situation in which the team of Brad Stevens is in the playoffs. The Celtics are losing 2-1 to the Bucks, and despite winning the first game and awakening very good feelings have not been able to Antetokounmpo and company in the next two crashes. In addition, fell in the third duel of the series in the Garden, track where they had a record of 12-1 if we put together the playoffs of last year with the current ones (12-2 now) .

Smart is the emotional leader of the locker room and one of the key pillars of Stevens's defense. In addition, this year has improved its performance and has achieved the top in his career in both field shots (42%) and triples (36%) . He is key in the Celtics' scheme and already performed very well in the last post season (in which he also rejoined after an injury), and his team needs him for a fourth key game. If they do not win, 3-1 with fifth in Milwaukee. A situation in which he does not want to see the franchise and would leave the series practically sentenced.

Team technician Brad Stevens did not want to get wet on whether his pupil will play this morning. "We did not do enough training so I could see anything, but I hope it's available sooner rather than later," said the Indiana, who also said that the decision to play would depend entirely on the training staff and the player himself. "It's a decision that has nothing to do with me," said coach. It seems therefore that the decision will be made moments before the shock begins.

Bostonians star Kyrie Irving, has also spoken of a possible return of the base. "It's an important part of our team, it frees up a lot of different pressures from the game and makes my job easier." The possibility of his coming back is something positive, "said the All-Star, whose team expects more for the fourth. partido.

Brogdon will be low

El that surely will not be available for this match will be Marcus Brogdon. The escort has been one of the surprises of Milwaukee in the current campaign and dominates many intangibles of the game giving more space for Antetokounmpo and theirs. At one point it was speculated that he could return for this duel, but Mike Budenholzer has finally ruled out, although he assures that his return is getting closer and that he has already been in practice 5 against 5 with the rest of the squad. Recall that Brogdon is low since mid-March because of a plantar fasciitis on his right foot.

This scenario gives the Celtics a chance. The influence of Smart in the game and in his teammates is remarkable, while Brogdon will remain low, which may allow the Stevens team to have (more) chances to match the tie. It is possible that the situation in which the series finds itself has made the Bostonians speed up their player's recovery. The same reason could have made Budenholzer be cautious about Brogdon, since they are ahead in the tie and it is not necessary to force at this point.

In one way or another, the Celtics need to win tonight if they do not want to stay One step away from going home in the conference semifinals (they reached the final of the East the last two years) and turn a season that has already been complicated, in a failure that could make in Boston begin to rethink the 'Stevens was' and his project.

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