Barça heals

The Blaugrana team wins its last game in the Camp Nou against a Getafe that lets escape the opportunity to depend on himself to enter the Champions League.

The Liverpool duel went to Barça with a victory against Getafe by 2-0 that served to heal wounds on the Blaugrana side, while Pata Getafe was a stick that knocks him out of the fourth place that gives access to the Champions League, which it no longer depends on them. Bordalás may have been guilty of lack of ambition in a key moment before a rival touched that based on pride achieved a start of reconciliation with his team ahead of the Copa final.

There are better ways to spend a sunny afternoon spring in Barcelona should be thinking almost all the players of Barcelona that came out to play against Getafe. Less Arturo Vidal, who takes each pachanga as if it were the party that should decide the future of the universe.

A so with a Camp Nou with a lot of tourists and a little partner, but bouncy because those who went to the field wore a little bag with the invoices corresponding to charge. Most of them took Coutinho as their addressee, although on a pledge basis, Busquets managed to get the ones he carried from his sender to be rescued.

A Coutinho took seven minutes to whistle him. Exactly the period of time that passed since the ball was put into play until it touched the first ball. Neither the Brazilian stood out for its softness. In the game hardly anything happened at the beginning. The well-planted Getafe, leaving Barça to harm the ball harmlessly and waiting to start the pressure on Busquets, who was still seeing the ghosts of the Liverpool media, which was a machine to lose balls.

Steps losses caused the Getafe's chances. On the first occasion, Jorge Molina shot high when he was alone against Cillessen, in the second, Molina scored, but he had started offside and in the third, the one that already earned Busquets whistles, the ended up losing.

The news in attack at Barca was limited to the far shots of Rakitic and the fight of Arturo Vidal. Malcom every time he received the ball deactivated the danger and Messi, who came out as a false center forward, did not seem especially activo.

However, a foul taken by the Argentine served for Piqué to top it off, Soria rejected the ball that remained dead so that Arturo Vidal entering like a buffalo despite the plate Djené scored the only goal of a first part of nap.

El Getafe, not only lost in the Camop Nou, but in the combination of results of the day He saw his Champions League square in danger. That the second part was something else depended on those of Bordalás.

But Barcelona came out more solid in the second act moving Getafe away from their area. The visitors, who were supposed to be the ones who played the most, did not go for it Barcelona, while the Catalan team was presented with a simpler game than in the first half. Messi, a pass from Arturo Vidal to point was to score the second, but Soria won him in the hand to hand.

Con controlled party, Aleñá entered by Rakitic, who despite the photo of the Fair, went between applause . Minutes later, Coutinho fell to the ground and went between the division of opinions giving Abel Ruiz the possibility of making his first debut. Al Getafe ran out of options to go to the Champions, Hugo nodded to the stick in a very dubious position in a fit of Madrid that were supported thanks to the stops of Soria against Abel Ruiz and Messi. But at the last minute, the goalkeeper could not before a clearance from Arambarri that to try to avoid Messi's goal scored on his own goal, unless the video proved otherwise.

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