Balance of the VAR: "It has intervened in 121 actions and 114 were corrections to the arbitrators"

Velasco Carballo and Clos Gómez: "The VAR in LaLiga intervened more (once every 3.14 matches) than in the World Cup (every 3.20), protests have been reduced by 17.3% and simulations."

The Technical Committee of Referees appeared before the media to take stock of the first season of LaLiga Santander with the VAR. Velasco Carballo, president of the CTA, and Clos Gómez, director of the VAR Project in Spain, analyzed the arbitration proceedings and the derived data of the use of this new tool in our country. "The VAR is part of the arbitration, but the arbitration is not just that." The referees have gone from resting twice a month to doing it only twice a year, they have gone from refereeing 19 games to 36 and have held 15 seminars, four of the previous course, "said the CTA. "They have worked with 650 video clips in those seminars," he added.

"The Spanish arbitration is the most present is in European competitions. In total, they have been appointed on 34 occasions, those ahead of Italy ( 33), Germany (32) and England (23) Regarding the two highest European competitions since the eighth, the Spaniards have had the most presence: Spain (8), England (4), Germany (7) and Italy ( 7) ", threw out the president of the CTA.

As soon as the actions of the braids, 812 incidents have been detected in the penalty area, whistling 93 times the maximum penalty, which is 91.5% success. The arbitrators made a wrong decision in an area action 69 times, of which the VAR corrected 44 by considering them clear and manifest. Video arbitration has reduced in this case a 3.08% arbitration error in area actions. 25 errors were from the VAR or were not manifest. The VAR has improved the success in actions of area 5.42% .

With respect to the yellow ones, 1967 yellows have been shown and 167 more should have been taken out. The success in the warnings would be located at 98.32%. In the 380 matches 32 direct reds have been shown (seven recommended by the technology), but a player had to be sent off 7 more times. In LaLiga there were 4,697 shares of outsiders, leaving the success of the linemen in 93.53%: the VAR has dropped the error percentage by 1.08%. And, regarding the goals, Velasco highlighted that the VAR had an incidence in 6.10% of the 983 annotated.

Interventions of the VAR

The video refereeing has checked 4,293 moves (12 per game) in the 380 games played, intervening in 121 actions (one every 3.14 meetings), of which 114 were corrections to referees and in seven the collegiate kept their decision after reviewing the play (5 penalties and two out of play interference). The 121 interventions of the VAR are distributed as follows among the four scenarios in which it can act: 60 in related goals, 49 in penalties, 9 times a possible red card action was announced (in two the referee only showed card yellow) and 3 errors of identity. In 66 occasions the monitor has been visited by the 55 that were of geographic plays. The VAR in LaLiga has intervened on average (3.14) more than in the World Cup (every 3.20 matches) .

Regarding the influence that the VAR has had on football, has reduced the protests by 17.3 % and simulations. The simulations of last season were 19 by 6 of this. As for protests, it has gone from 266 to 220. The time spent on a factual intervention is 83 seconds on average, but if you must go to the monitor amounts to 129 seconds.

"Our referees have adapted very well to the Changes to the press conference and to the VAR In the latter, its adaptation has been extraordinary It seems that we have been living with VAR. The referees have been very consistent in the interpretation of offside and hands. It can be improved in the assessment of serious rough play, in the unification of criteria, in the line of intervention of the VAR, reduce the time spent in reviewing the plays and continue in the search for zero error, "Velasco Carballo concluded in his speech.

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