Aubameyang turns off Mestalla

Valencia went ahead with an early goal from Gameiro, but ended up succumbing with Gabonese triplet and Lacazette. Another ending for Emery.

The Valencia have to settle for playing only the final of the Sevilla Cup, that everything is said any of their own would have signed in January. The Arsenal, or rather, Aubameyang and Lacazette, left him without another end to honor his Centenario. Marcelino will not go to Baku; Emery will do it, that returns to put a team in the final of the Europa League. The Basque has not lost a tie in this tournament for six years. He won three consecutive titles with Sevilla and, after his two-year spell at PSG in the Champions League, repeated his bid for the title in his debut for London.

Emery has more punch than team has been shown throughout the qualifier. Lacazette and Aubameyang go free; they are at another level. The others of the Arsenal try not to lose and they are in charge of doing the merits to win. Out of nowhere the goal of the draw was born. From a door kick and its excellent quality. Lacazette combed the ball after winning the jump to Gabriel Paulista and Aubameyang's shot from the front was tremendous; I love her there, I put her in there.

The script for the first leg at the Emirates was repeated. Because had only been five minutes since the ecstasy that caused Gameiro's goal. The French, man Europa League with capital letters, put Valencia ahead in the match and fully in the tie. He did it by taking advantage of a counterattack by Guedes and played to perfection by Rodrigo, an action that showed that the rear is not the strength of Arsenal. "Yes you can", shouted the stadium. But Mestalla took cold with the zapatazo of Aubameyang.

The goal of the Arsenal put hurries in the body to the blanquinegros and also fear lest they would drive another blow followed as in London. Guedes, to name one who most sinned of it, wanted to do the third without going through the second and thus committed more inaccuracies than successes. Neither Gameiro nor Rodrigo returned to look until the rest to Cech to eyes and the only 'uyyy' of the stands came after a launch of lack of Parejo. Well, another 'uyyy' was heard in the visitor stand, which arrived, of course, after another action by Aubameyang and Lacazette, who was the one who hit the poster on the outside.

The best thing that could happen to Valencia was to leave to the dressing room with tie and there to clarify ideas and intentions; The worst thing that happened to him was that, as soon as he returned, Aubameyang and Lacazette did again theirs. This time the order of the factors was different, although the product was the same. This time Aubameyang was the one who fought for the ball and Lacazette who shot Neto. Again there was disorder and bewilderment in the back of Marcelino, that has been overtaken by the gunners of Emery as seldom before in the two years of the Asturian for the bench ch.

For more than 39 'will remain, even if they were of body present the heroics of Liverpool and Tottenham, even beyond that Gameiro put the 2-2 in 58 ', in Mestalla there was more desire than convincing, more not wanting to throw in the towel to believe at that point that the comeback was possible . The Valencia does not have (by far) the punch of the Arsenal and so it was difficult, not to say impossible, to be played with suicide attacks, which was the only thing that was left to the black and white.

To top of evils in the stands was He lived a parallel and internal conflict, which was precisely the opposite of what the evening needed. The silence during many phases of the CurvaNord match due to a lack of clarity with Anil Murthy caused the rest of Mestalla to reproach him. Even within the tier of animation there was tension between those who wanted to give encouragement and those who remained firm in their way of protesting. Among reproaches of each other, Aubameyang, in two gestures of poacher, scored the third in 69 'and also the fourth in 89'. The public of Mestalla, before going home, recognized his performance with applause. What a beast.

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