Atleti returns to Werner: now to San Luis

The Argentine goalkeeper is the first name of the project of the red and white franchise that just promoted to First. There is another signing: the Ecuadorian Joao Plata.

La directive of the newly promoted to the First Division , Atlético de San Luis, does not waste time, a few days of his arrival in the top category of national football have closed their first two signings for the opening 2019, the Argentine Axel Werner and forward Joao Plata.

Axel Werner would be ceded by Atlético de Madrid to his Mexican subsidiary in order to complete the third of the goalkeepers who will defend the arc from San Luis. The Ecuadorian Joao Plata, while, coming from Real Salt Lake of MLS, team with which he has managed to add 44 since his arrival in 2013, the forward debuted with Liga de Quito in 2010.

Plans for the team in First

De the same way is known the list of players that no would enter the plans of Alfonso Sosa for the following tournament: Edgar Fierro, Mario de Luna, Francisco Javier Medina, Jaime Frias, José Gurrola, Claudio Villagra and Marcos Astina the latter must report with Banfield and Lanus respectively.

After achieving promotion, Atlético de San Luis has in its sights a new objective: to be one of the most competitive teams in Liga MX, so they have started looking for players that will reinforce the roster for the Apertura 2019. The assignment of Werner, who at Atlético only played two games because of Oblak's injury, would be the third, after ués de las de Huesca and Málaga this season.

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