Antic: "Griezmann to Barça? You have to adjust the system to the template"

"If Valverde was ideal on the weekend, it will be also now," defended Zubizarreta. And Emery explained why English clubs dominate the European finals.

Barcelona's bitter farewell to the Champions was the talk among most of the guests who passed through the red carpet of the dinner for the 90th anniversary of LaLiga, as the former sports director of Barça, and currently at Olympique de Marseille, Andoni Zubizarreta "If Valverde was ideal last week, so will it be now," said who, in charge of the Athletic technical secretariat, became "the sports director who gave him the opportunity to be in First, but everything else has earned it. the". In addition to the coach, there was a lot of talk about the hypothetical signing of Antoine Griezmann by Barcelona. Would it fit with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez? Radomir Antic, who trained as much to the likes of Atlético de Madrid, did not beat around the bush: "He has to change his habits. You always have to adjust the system to the resources offered by the template ". Y Unai Emery, a flaming finalist in the Europa League with Arsenal, said that the two semifinals of the Champions were" precious ", and considered that if the English copan the European finals is, in part, "because until now they were very focused on their competitions. It's the circumstances, the cycles, now they also want to do something big in Europe. "

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