Antetokounmpo silences the Garden and the Bucks rule (2-1)

The Celtics, from more to less in attack, sink in the second part between protests to the referees and the Bucks recover the court factor.

The Garden fell and the advantage, practical and emotional, they had amassed in their tremendous first game the Celtics. The factor court lasted a sigh to Stevens, for which definitely nothing can be easy in this season, finish as it ends. Nor have they held the hierarchy over a rival who, after all, won 60 games in the regular season and has one player, Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is likely to beat the MVP to a flamboyant version of James Harden. In the East we will move from LeBron James and the Cavaliers to Giannis and the Bucks, Kyrie Irving and the Celtics, Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors or Joel Embiid and the Sixers. In the semifinals, a collision of the big four that we had been waiting all year (year I without LeBron, the East seeks the king), Raptors and Celtics hit very strong out but have received very severe damage in the counterattack of their rivals.

Los Celtics have lost the inertia in the game and the hand in the game: third parties are that important. If the 1-2 would have allowed them to play with the insecurities of a few Bucks with little experience, the 1-2 makes them the player at the edge of the board, forced not to fail in the room, which is played on Monday (01:00 , Spanish time) . The worst of the defeat for them was that it did not arrive on a black night or in a very fast inclined game in favor of some Bucks that, you know, do not run: as soon as they accelerate, they fly. No, almost in the middle of the third quarter the score was 69-69, Kyrie and Giannis had 17 points each and both teams added an identical 26/52 in shots. From there, when the Garden had to weigh the most, the experience, Kyrie and Stevens, were the Bucks who won the game thanks to an overwhelming final of the third quarter in which they converted an 82-81 in a 82-93 with George Hill (11 of his 21 points there) as executor and Antetokounmpo as constant MVP. In a succession of free throws that took the game away from the Celtics too nervous, the advantages flew (94-111 midway through the quarter, a basket in local play in six minutes) and they took the court factor back to Milwaukee. There the Celtics will have to win again, at least for now, one more match.

In the last quarter the Celtics scored 16 free throws (29 total points) and matched (32 by 36) the travel statistics to the line staff that had burst Antetokounmpo (16/22). Before, frustrated, they began to spend less as they protested more and ended up entering fully, a sin on their track, in the type of match their opponent wanted: 17 assists in the first half, only seven in the second, a succession of penetrations and boats to any part that facilitated the arrivals in transition and the open shots of some Bucks that granted more in their corners to totally collapse the area, where Giannis scored more than all the Celtics and the overall score was 24-52. If you add a 16-42 in points of bench, the result is a problem much greater than the arbitration for Stevens, who has been descasiendo his excellent plan against Giannis last Sunday, which suddenly is very far . The Greek (32 points, 13 rebounds, 8 assists) played comfortable, scored all his points in the paint or from the line of personnel (the tenth he does for more than 30 this season, a shocking fact) and always found your teammates in good positions. In a gray day of Lopez and Bledsoe (always in a via crucis against this rival), they responded Middleton (20 points, 3/6 in triples), the decisive Hill (21 and 9/12 in total shots) and Connaughton (14 and 4/9 of three). Mirotic returned to start and finished with 13 points, 3 rebounds and 3 triples (3/7) in which it can be, another excellent news for Budenholzer, the last game of the series without Malcolm Brogdon.

The Celtics returned to have jaw of glass, something not unusual this season and that was unthinkable the past. When the collective game disappeared, only seemed to think of others a Hayward that however was not able to cook anything for himself (2/8 in shots, 10 points and 5 assists). Giannis conditions a rotation in which Baynes was left out and Ojeleye this time gave good minutes in defense but complicated in attack. Kyrie, who complained about the arbitration ("the free throws start to be ridiculous, they are slowing down the game") but also of their lack of efficiency ("we can not miss trays, protest so much ..."), caused with 29 points and 6 assists but an 8/22 shot that is 12/40 in the last two games, in which he has been very far from what his team needs to get around the Bucks, something that Maybe they will not do it again if Al Horford (17 + 8 + 5) is still not workingAntetokounmpo, which returns to condition everything that happens on the track (tremendous work of defensive intimidation in his hoop) , as it was throughout the Regular Season but as it did not happen in the first game of this series, which is veering towards the Much darker green of Wisconsin.

For the Celtics is so simple (and so complicated) that this time they are not the best team in the tie if they do not perfect games ... or almost perfect. The Bucks are not the Pacers. And those of Stevens have two followed playing a very bad second parts in which the offensive shorts cause them to jump also the leads in defense. For the first time after almost a week of elimination, it is they who are in tow and those who will play now without margin of error against a tremendous rival who has given in the last two games a tremendous lesson in cohesion, energy and confidence. It is, after all, a team that has won 60 matches. And, after a nightmare series start, it is obvious that he believes again that this is the case: a giant problem for the Celtics.

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