Another injured in the Warriors? The state of Iguodala worries

One of the defensive experts of the Warriors could not play more this season: Iguodala suffers some discomfort in the left leg.

The Warriors have a serious problem with the lesiones and that for now they are saving them with victories and without being too noticeable, but three is more than two and the decisive moment of the season is approaching.

Andre Iguodala retired from the third game of the eliminatory before the Blazers, that finished with victory of its equipment by 99-110. Steve Kerr said at the press conference that it had been because of a problem in the lower leg, but he was not specific. Brian Windhorst, of ESPN, gave more information: there are discomforts in the Achilles tendon that have been bothering him for a while and that have limited his minutes in court to less than 30 (yesterday he only played 18). Today is going to perform a medical exam to know the real extent of the injury, but everything points to it will not be a matter of a day. The journalist is clear: "I would be very surprised if Iguodala returned to play in this tie unless he goes to game 7. The Warriors are preparing to play without him, he could go long."

This joins the inconvenience of Shaun Livingston, which nevertheless continues to play, and the casualties of Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins, who will not play the four games either. The Oakland team has, despite all this trouble, five consecutive victories in these NBA Playoffs 2019.

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