Alonso: "If I win here, maybe it's part of the history of the sport"

The Spaniard recognizes that if he manages to win the 500 Miles it would be the most important victory of his life and that it is very tempting to make history.

The countdown to the day of the great challenge of Alonso in 2019 has already begun. From today, Tuesday the 14th, the cars that will participate in the Indy 500 will roll in the most famous oval in the world to have everything ready for the race on the 26th. You have to leave the smallest possible aspects at random, take advantage of everything you can the eight practice sessions and get a good position on the grid to start the well placed test. Before all that, the Spaniard reviews what his second participation in the 500 Miles in a video of McLaren.

means The meaning of the Indy 500: "This could be the most important victory of my life. of the world in terms of adrenaline, of excitement, of the atmosphere that there is that weekend, that day, seeing 300,000 people in a circuit, cheering 33 riders who come for the 500 miles and for the highest speeds of any event Motorsport, I think it's something unique. "

Risk: " I understand the danger in this race, and the accidents we may see here are potentially more dangerous than any other you may have in an F1 race. you respect your speed, you respect your rivals ... "

Physical effort: " This is 500 miles, it's a very long race, you only turn to the left, but you face a amount of effort that is probably bigger than the one that requires an F1 today with all the help it has. Here, it is more basic, so you put all the effort yourself ".

Preparación meticulous: " From the simplest aspects such as comfort in the cockpit, the preparation of the steering wheel, the way in which the buttons go on the steering wheel , the grip modes, set up, the tools to configure the car, the garages, the pit lane wall ... There are things that are not only based on piloting, pure performance, but on the whole team, in All the logistics, that you need to configure around the wishes of the pilot. It is a great challenge, but I am very proud of the team and how we have prepared ourselves step by step, with a good program and very talented people. I think we should be ready. "

Con experience: " I think the experience of 2017 will be very beneficial to control emotions. Once you are no longer a novice here, once you experience all those moments, it will benefit me to prepare the race better. This year it will be special to be back, two weeks that are pure magic ".

Su biggest challenge: " This race is very important for me right now because the Triple Crown is very close, there is only one race left. Obviously, F1 was my life and my dream for a long time in my career, then I realized that I could have more potential than just F1 and try to win and be competitive in iconic motorsport events. And now, winning the Indy 500 one day, if I do, it can probably be part of the history of the sport, and that's very tempting. "

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