Alonso, the difference of heaven to hell in Indianapolis

The Spaniard did not qualify this year for the car, the time, the lack of time in the project and excessive confidence in his own possibilities.

19 thousandths. Never such a beautiful number had such a tragic meaning in sports, at least for a world motoring star like Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard, logically, had after the qualifying a mixture of sadness and anger typical of what the world considers a failure and he a teaching. The surprise, despite any suspicion, is widespread because having a driver like Alonso who dazzled in his first appearance in Indianapolis out of the race is something difficult to assimilate.

Así things, what are the reasons why a pilot who was about to win in his debut is now out of the Indy 500? The truth is that in 2017 things became much better, Alonso was hand in hand with Honda, the organization of the championship (in fact its chief executive Mark Miles was even in Spain making a route through the media and he never tired of saying that Fernando could win, this year has not heard a word) and with an agreement between McLaren and Andretti, one of the best teams in the championship. In summary in 2017 Alonso was the worst of the project, in the sense that we are talking about a pilot who had zero experience in ovals and cars of that type, but with his natural talent did what few are able to do, although He did not do it alone. On this occasion we can say that Alonso was the best of the project, since with his previous results he offered a guarantee of success.

In this occasion the causes of this poor result, let's say it, are several but could be summarized in lack of time, experience, a car with a tremendous understeer that was almost impossible to drive and also influenced the pilot error that had the Asturian to suffer this tremendous accident of the free, but with a decent team would not have had the same consequences.

McLaren was decided to make a team of its own with what that means for any competition. It is true that Indy Car is not F1 in terms of complexity, but neither is it a rallysprint ... They signed Bob Fernley who is supposed to have some experience in the United States and also Gil de Ferran, Alonso's previous coach in 2017, had responsibility in the car, but the team in general was very green and needed much more time to build the car in principle and to make a good set-up (vital in Indy) afterwards. In a few months you can not make a good team and a good car for a championship like the IndyCar no matter how much you have the best driver. Impossible. And it has been demonstrated.

Another reason is the lack of investment, the owners of McLaren have focused on trying to recover the years of loss of prestige in F1 by investing in the highest category and not as much as they should in the Indy 500, that has resulted in this result. Afterwards, they had as a traveling companion the Carlin team, one of the poorest of the competition who, in fact, have only got one of their three cars in the race. They were very important in the help for the construction of the car, but arrived at a certain moment in McLaren they decided that they no longer needed their collaboration and they started on their own. Another mistake, if you trust someone you must do it until the end.

Finally they asked for help to the leading teams and for the final qualifier they bought engineers, shock absorbers and even the set up to Andretti and even Ed Carpenter offered his collaboration, but it was too late. And there is another cause, meteorology. Alonso lacked miles in the oval and the rain has prevented him on several occasions. It is not an excuse. It is one more reason. In the end Alonso has played his life to try an impossible, has gone to the maximum even with the car punctured or unfinished, but it could not be. Now is the time to learn. And come back with more strength so that one day think of the number 19 is an anecdote. That is the intention. This time there has been trust and lack of preparation. Even geniuses pass these things ...

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